Miscellaneous VHF/UHF operating tools


G7RAU Live MUF calculator


Meteor Shower Calendar

 G7RAU Live MUF map

Current Space Weather

 50MHz latest open path map

Radio Meteor observatories on-line

Live Aurora map

Animated Lightning Map Europe

JT65 EME Chat

DK5YA Sporadic E summary Maps

DK0WCY online Magnetometer

Radio reflection detection by G7IZU

 OH5IY MS activity

UK Aurora Watch & SMS alerts 

EA6VQ Sporadic-E clouds Evolution maps


Atlantic Tropo Ducting map

 Find your QTH Maidenhead Locator

VHF/UHF/SHF DX expeditions

144MHz Sporadic E summaries 

RSGB Propagation Studies Committee

 ARRL Propagation Forecast

Solar Terrestrial Despatch

NOAA Aurora 27 day forecast 

VHF/UHF Line of sight calculator by G4VWL

 RSGB Propagation Forecast 

GB2RS Propagation update

N1RZ DXers info all bands


OSWIN VHF 36kW 53.5 MHz Meteor Scatter radar site


Greyline Map of Earth

Total Electron Content Map

UK Band plans

 QRP 432 MHz EME logger

 D Region absorption map 

GB7MBC (DXcluster for the North of England)

UK Lightning strike map

TV transmitter Map generator


Another good opportunity for catching that rare square is during VHF & UHF contests. Stations will often operate portable from the tops of high terrain and from rarer locator squares in order to attract other stations to work them for a greater number of points. Sometimes special DX expeditions are mounted that may or may not coincide with these contests.


   VHF/UHF Contests

RSGB VHF Contests

European Contest Calendar

RSGB VHF Committee

RSGB VHF Contest Committee

European EME contests





RSGB VHF/UHF Activity Contest nights

Every 1st      Tuesday

2000-2230 LOCAL 

144MHz Activity

Every 2nd      Tuesday

2000-2230 LOCAL

432MHz Activity

Every 3rd      Tuesday

2000-2230 LOCAL

1.3GHz/2.3GHz Activity

Every 4th      Tuesday

2000-2230 LOCAL

50MHz Activity

Every 5th      Tuesday

2000-2230 LOCAL

70MHz Activity



Probably the best source of general information about amateur radio operation is from the national or local amateur radio society. This is particularly useful if you intend to operate abroad for the first time and are not sure of the local operating frequencies or clubs that you might be able to visit.

Amateur Radio Societies


Radio Society of Great Britain



RSGB Contest 

UK Six Meter Group


 Vintage & Military ARS

  Royal Signals ARS


 Eden Valley Radio Society (EVRS)


Wireless Institute of Australia

 Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (DARC)

  Union Francais des Radioamateurs (REF)


Union de Radioaficioanados Espanoles (URE)



Irish Radio Transmitters Society


 Cyprus Amateur Radio Society

  Gibraltar Amateur Radio Society

  International Amateur Radio Union

You might want to buy or sell second hand amateur radio equipment and the radio magazine adverts are either too expensive to place your advert in or the equipment is sold by the time the magazine is printed 3 months later. The best place is to look online at the sites shown below.


For Sale / Wanted Adverts

G3CWI flea market







    QSL lookup & card suppliers


FDS QSL cards

 Octavia QSL cards

QSL Factory


Electronic eQSL cards







Radio pictures

ON4KST 50/70/144/432 MHz Chat, DXcluster and live maps


HF Nets

G7WFM Internet Repeater

Euro Grid Square Map

Eham.net radio reviews

 RSGB HF prediction

Ultimate Radio Mods site



Amateur Prefix listing


RSGB EMC pages

 Worked All Britain


Clandestine Radio

Vanity Callsigns

Greyline View


VHF DXers Tables



Famous Radio Amateurs 'Hams'


Notable Ham Radio operators



DX World

TV & FM DX links

Latest Meteosat

RSGB Repeaters


BR68 UK License conditions


GB7MBC (DXcluster for the North of England)

RSARS Nets & frequencies

QTH Locator converter


Maidenhead Locator Finder


Brendan Trophy 2m challenge


PRC military radio descriptions

PMR 446MHz


DX Robot (e-mail alerts)

UK frequency guide


Map of Europe Most Wanted Squares 2004


DL8EBW VHF Database

DX Zone

VHF DX Top list


 Popular VHF / UHF radios


Yaesu FT-7800


Yaesu FT-847

 Icom IC-746

Icom IC-706


Icom IC-756 Pro 2


Icom IC-756 Pro 3

Icom IC-7800

Icom IC-7800 reviews

Yaesu FT-817


 FT- 847 Homepage


FT-847 FAQ


Yaesu VX-1R


Yaesu FT-847 Yahoo group


 FT- 8800 Yahoo group

 FT-817 Yahoo group

UK FT-847 yahoo group

Kenwood TS-2000 reviews

 Icom IC-7400 reviews


Icom IC-756 Pro 2 reviews


Yaesu FT-8800


Yaesu FT-897


 Icom IC-703

  Yaesu FT-857D

Yaesu FT-857 reviews


GPS / Geocaching

Garmin GPS

 GPSS 5.4 (software)

 Geocaching site


Geocaching UK maps


Geocaching FAQ

Ordnance Survey Get-a-Map


Memory Map OS 3D digital mapping





What is Geocaching? It is rather like treasure hunting with buried caches hidden all around the World, you are provided with co-ordinates which you place in your GPS receiver and then you try to find the hidden treasure! Good family fun and something just a little bit different.


Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF)






RDF Projects

RDF webring site listing


Homing in


RSGB ARDF Committee

UK & International ARDF event calendar


Balloon Foxhunt
















50 MHz (6 metres)

70 MHz (4 metres)

144 MHz (2 metres)

432 MHz (70 Centimetres)

G0ISW Ham Radio Station

Send formatted VHF DX Cluster spot


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