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770 MHz (4m) UK Band Plan & activity




70.000-70.100 MHz CW   


70.100-70.250 MHz CW/SSB/MGM Narrowband modes maximum 2.7 kHz
70.154 MHz MSK144

Lots of MS activity in Europe seen here 2018

70.185 MHz USB

5B4 Cyprus speech Calling frequency (70.200 used by their water companies!)

70.200 MHz


UK SSB speech calling frequency

70.230 MHz


Meteor Scatter centre of activity WSJT modes

70.250-70.294 MHz

All modes

Maximum bandwidth 12 kHz

70.260 MHz


AM Calling frequency

70.280 MHz


Meteor Scatter FSK441 mode active 2017 +/- 5 kHz

70.294-70.500 MHz

All modes  

Channelised operations 12.5 kHz spacing

70.450 MHz


FM speech Calling frequency


70MHz beacon list
Frequency Call QTH Locator Contact Watt Antenna mASL Notes
70.000 GB3BUX Buxton, Derbys IO93BF G4IHO 20 2 x Turnstile (omni)  456  
70.002 ZS1FOR/B Western Cape JF96FB   15 Dipole horz.    
70.005 ZS5MTL   KG50IG   50 Omni    
70.007 GB3WSX Yeovil, Somerset IO80QW G3ZXX 150 5 el. 70° 90 ft F1A
70.012 OX4MB Dyefour HP15EO OZ1DJJ 25 Dipole 1200 Not yet operational
70.014 S55ZRS Mt. Kum JN76MC       1219 Planned beacon
70.015 ZR6FOR             Planned
70.016 GB3BAA Tring, Herts IO91QP G0RDI 20 Dipole 195  
70.020 GB3ANG Dundee IO86MN GM4ZUK 100 3 el. yagi 160° 370  
70.021 OZ7IGY Greater Jystrup JO55WM OZ7IS 25 Big-wheel 102 F1A
70.023 PI7EPO Rijswijk JO22EA PA5DD 20 Halo 90 F1A, planned no license
70.025 GB3MCB St Austell IO70OJ G3YJX 40 2 el. yagi 45° 320 Operation due to cease from this site soon.
70.027 GB3CFG Carrickfergus,
N. Ireland
3 el. 45°,
3 el. 135°
1000 ft F1A
70.029 S55ZMB   JN76VK S51DI 6 4 el. yagi 310° 262 A1A, 15 s keydown
70.030 S56A   JN76GB         Personal beacon
70.031 G4JNT/P Blandford, Dorset IO80UU G4JNT 0,6 Dipole 2,5 Slow FSK telemetry (+85Hz shift) and CW
70.035 OY6BEC Tórshavn IP62 OY9JD 25 Loop 135/315° 10 Temp. out of service
70.0708 GW3MHW mid-Wales   GW3MHW       Not operational
70.1135 5B4CY Cyprus KM64FT 5B8AV 10 6 el. yagi 315°    
70.130 EI4RF Dublin IO63WD EI9GK 25 5 el. 45°,
5 el. 135°
120 Yagis are sequenced.
Believed to be off-air
70.3125 SJV900 Sweden JO99 SM0TSC       Planned
70.350 EI??? 40km NW Cork IO52 EI7GL   Omni vert. 450 45 s FM "Simplexer"
70.4375 MB7FM Chiltern Hills IO91PS   10 Dipole   FM "Simplexer"
70.608 CQ5FOUR Ribatejo IM59QD CT1ARR 10     CW
70.612 CU8DUB Azores HM49KL CU8AO 20      
75.300 ZD8DUB Ascension Isl. II22TB   8 4 el. 340° 730  


There aren't that many Amateur radios, which can transmit on 70 MHz SSB out of the box, one is the discontinued multimode Yaesu FT-847. When I had one of these radios I was lucky, mine produced 25 watts output on 4m whilst others can produce only 10 watts. It is all down apparently to when the radio was made on the production line in the factory. One disappointing feature was that my FT-847 was quite deaf of 70MHz and only the very strongest signals could be heard by me.

A new to the market in 2013 Icom IC-7100 multimode transceiver is confirmed in its European model to include a 50W 70 MHz capability


There are a lot of converted PMR radios operating on 70 MHz FM, that is one of the easiest routes onto this band. Garex communications have just announced that they are to make again their AKD 4001 transceiver, which was popular in the 1990s.


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