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Manual and Documents

Many (probably all) of these documents are also available from the Files page for the IC746 Email Group at YaHoo.
  • IC-746 Brochure - [PDF] Icom IC-746 Sales Brochure acquired as a public download from Icom's WWW site on Jan-4-2002
  • IC-746 Instruction Manual - [PDF] IC-746 Instruction Manual that was available for free download from Icom's WWW site on Nov-7-2001.
  • IC-746 NB Adjustment - [PDF] A copy of page 5-10 of the IC-746 Service Manual describing how to adjust/align the Noise Blanker. Provided to W7GJ by Icom Tech Support on June 25, 2001.
  • IC-746 FAQ - [TXT] Frequently Asked Questions about the IC-746.
  • IC-746 Mic Pinouts - [PDF] description
There are other IC-746 and Icom related documents off-site at:

Products & Accessories

Articles & Reviews

  • User Reviews at eHam.net - [link] Lots and lots of user reviews on the IC-746 (mostly 5-star reviews)
  • QST Review - [link] QST/ARRL review and test results (requires membership in the ARRL to access)
  • QST Expanded Test Results - [link] The full ARRL bench test results for the IC-746 (requires membership in the ARRL to access)


  • AB4OJ Icom Pages - [link] While Adam's pages specialize on the IC-756 series, they contain a great deal of IC-746 information as well.
  • www.mods.dk - [link] Arguably, the DEFINITIVE site for all amateur radio equipment modifications.


"Communities" take on many forms.
  • IC746 Group - [link] This group is devoted the IC-746 and IC-746/PRO. The messages are available both on-line and via e-mail subscription. (does require a free Yahoo login) The WWW site includes a file download area, photos, polls, etc... Yahoo Groups is home to more than 1500 other amateur radio related groups.
  • Icom Reflector - [link] is an e-mail list devoted to Icom equipment in general. Archives are available. The QTH.NET site hosts over 500 other ham related e-mail lists.

ICOM Links

Various corporate headquarters from around the world - - - -