Famous Hams and ex-Hams

The information contained on this page has been collected from several different sources. Callsigns of some famous hams and ex-hams may have changed recently due to the vanity call program. If you know of any other famous hams or ex-hams that should be posted here, please e-mail me at [email protected].

Callsign Name Claim to Fame Notes
W0ORE Tony England Astronaut see Ham Radios in Space
W1GBE Percy L. Spencer Inventor of the Microwave Oven (Silent Key) Former Senior Vice President of Raytheon Co.
K1JT Joe Taylor Scientist Nobel Prize in Physics
K1OKI Mickey Schulhof Heads SONY US
KB2GSD Walter Cronkite TV Journalist
K2HEP John Sculley former CEO of Apple Computer lapsed callsign
WA2MKI Larry Ferrari Musician/TV personality Silent Key
K2ORS Jean Shepard Author/Actor "In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash" + "A Christmas Story"
NE2Q Jay Kolinsky Invented & manufactured the Electronic Sirens used on most burglar and fire alarm systems Submitted by Alexander Cohen (W1FXQ)
W2TQ Joel Miller IEEE attorney
K2ZCZ George Pataki Governor of New York 1994- lapsed callsign, now re-issued
WN30QW Jim Croce Singer/Songwriter Jim Croce's QSL Card
W4CGP (Ex-WA4CZD) Chet Atkins Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Silent Key
(June 30th, 2001)
WB4KCG Ronnie Milsap Singer/Songwriter Spoke at Dayton Hamvention, 5/98
N4KET David French TV Journalist on CNN?
K4LIB Arthur Godfrey TV personality (Silent Key) Arthur Godfrey K4LIB Fan Club
KC4OCA Gordon Barnes Meteorologist
N4RH Ralph Haller former FCC PRB chief
WA4SIR Ron Parise Astronaut see Ham Radios in Space
WD4LZC Larnelle Harris Country Music Singer 7 time Grammy winner
WD4SKT Donnie Osmond NOT the TV personality! Has same name...
KD4WUJ Patty Loveless Country Music Singer sang "You Don't Seem to Miss Me" w/George Jones at 1997 CMA Awards telecast
W4ZG Worth Gruelle Author Raggedy Ann/Andy
K4ZVZ Paul W. Tibbets War Hero (via AA7OA) Pilot of Enola Gay
W5LFL Owen Garriot Astronaut see Ham Radios in Space
N5QWL Jay Apt Astronaut see Ham Radios in Space
KA6HVA Burl Ives American actor, writer and folk music singer Silent Key-Submitted by N9VVS
KG6FZX Dennis Tito Earth's first space tourist also a multi-millionaire
WB6ACU Joe Walsh Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter Eagles
KD6BUP James Treybig, Jr. reportedly son of Tandem Computer CEO father W6JKV?
K6DUE Roy Neal TV personality produces/stars in ham radio videos
W6EZV Gen. Curtis LeMay Military legend Silent Key
N6FUP Stu Cooks Baseball player
N6GGM Laura Cooks XYL of N6FUP
W6JKV James Treybig reportedly CEO of Tandem Computers see KD6BUP
N6KGB Stewart Granger Actor born James Stewart!
KB6LQR Jeana Yeager Pilot/Adventurer Voyager 'round the world flight 1986
KB6LQS Dick Rutan Pilot/Adventurer Voyager 'round the world flight 1986
AI6M Barry Friedman 2-time World Champion Juggler Raspyni Brothers
W6OBB Art Bell Syndicated radio personality Art Bell
KB6OLJ Paul J. Cohen Mathematician
KD6OY Garry Shandling TV Personality
W6QYI Cardinal Roger Mahony Cleric Los Angeles Roman Catholic Cardinal
WB6RER Andy Devine Actor Silent Key
N6YOS Priscilla Presley Actress (wife of Elvis) Her private name was "Lou Lou Beaulieu"
W6ZH Herbert Hoover, Jr. Son of U.S. President Silent Key
W7DUK Nolan Bushnell Inventor, Computer Pioneer, Founded Atari ex-ham, 1958 Callbook
KG7JF Jeff Duntemann Author
K7TA Clifford Stoll Scientist/Author/Actor "A Cuckoo's Egg"
NK7U Joe Rudi Baseball player
K7UGA Barry Goldwater late US Senator/SK 1998 vociferous friend of amateur radio
W8JK John Kraus Astronomer
K9QVL Robert Hannsen Convicted Russian Spy (Ham license Revoked) Submitted by Ron Smith (K9QAM)
9K2CS Prince Yousuf Al-Sabah Royalty
9N1MM Fr. Marshall Moran Renowned Missionary Silent Key
EA0JC Juan Carlos King of Spain
FO5GJ Marlon Brando Actor aka Martin Brandeaux
GB1MIR Helen Sharman Astronaut see Ham Radios in Space
G2DQU Sir Brian Rix Actor/Philanthropist
G3TZH Tony Dolby brother invented Dolby Noise Reduction System
G3YLA Jim Bacon TV Meteorologist
HS1A Bhumiphol Adulayadej King of Thailand
HS1YC Khun M.G. Titipan Yukon Royal Prince of Thailand-SK Submitted by John S. Vajo (W2ZWW/HS0ZAA)
I0FCG Francesco Cossiga former President of Italy (via XE1MN)
J3BB Masaru Ibuka Founder of SONY Silent Key, Tnx to JL1EEE (Hack)
JA5FHB Katsutsugu Sekiya Minister of Construction and Minister of State for the National Land Agency (via Takehiko Hiyoshi JH6MHO)
JI1KIT Keizo Obuchi Prime Minister of Japan via Sylvain Angers, VE2SAA and JH6MHO
JK1SIU Norio Ohga Chairman of SONY Tnx to JL1EEE (Hack)
JP1DPJ Akio Morita Founder of SONY Silent Key, Tnx to JL1EEE (Hack)
JY1 King Hussein King of Jordan Very active ham before becoming SK 07-FEB-1999
JY1NH Queen Noor Queen of Jordan American-born Lisa Halaby
JY2HT former Crown Prince Hassan King Hussein's brother
JY2RZ King Hussein's cousin Prince Raad Chairman of the Royal Jordan Radio Amateur Society
LU1SM Carlos Saul Menem President of Argentina
SU1VN Prince Talal Saudi Arabian royalty
TJ1BC Cardinal Paul-Emile Leger Missionnary at Hyaounday, Cameroon Was also former Archibishop of Montreal, Canada
UA1LO Yuri Gagarin First Cosmonaut Silent Key
U2MIR/UV3AM Musa Manarov Cosmonaut see Ham Radios in Space
VK2KB Sir Allan Fairhall Statesman
VK4HA Harry Angel Was Australia's oldest radio amateur (SK) 106 on 12/14/1997
VU2RG Rajiv Ghandi late Prime Minister of India Silent Key
VU2SON Sonia Ghandi XYL of VU2RG
XE1K Walter Cross Buchanan ex-Minister of Communications and Public Works (SCOP) Silent Key (info via XE1MN)
XE1N Manuel Medina Built first spark transmitter in Mexico Silent Key (info via XE1MN)

Other folks, many of whom are now Silent Keys, who have been listed as possible ham radio operators:

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