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Each year, Hawaii State Civil Defense in cooperation with a number of governmental and private agencies conduct a state-wide exercise to test and evaluate preparations for operations before, during and after a hurricane. The exercise, entitled Makani Pahili, will be conducted in the early half of June.

These are the arrangements underway within the amateur radio community in preparation for participating in the exercise. If you know of any, please contact Ron Hashiro, AH6RH

Enjoy, and feel free to drop me an e-mail if you have any questions.

Island of Oahu
Hawaii SCD 3993.5, 5330.5, 7080 147.06 444.35
Healthcomm 3888,5371.5,7080 147.28 443.825+, UHF Simplex, 446.100 +/-
DEM 7080 Net on June 2 at 7:00 pm on 146.88 448.70


May 28, 2009

Statewide Hurricane Exercise - State CD RACES/ARES participation.

1 June - NWS issues notification that a hurricane is forming and heading toward Hawaiian Islands

Expected path includes landfall on the island of Oahu.

2 Jun - NWS issues a hurricane watch
2 Jun - NWS issues a hurricane warning
3 Jun - Hurricane hits islands in early morning hours
3 Jun break of day - All clear issued, recovery phase begins

Call signs:

SCD will be on the following frequencies at differing times:

147.060 - DH Repeater - Command/Control
146.880 - DH Repeater - for interoperation with Oahu DEM RACES

Initial contact will be made on the 147.060 repeater. Stations will then be moved to another frequency, if possible, to handle traffic.

HF will also be used as follows to communicate with SCD and to exercise NVIS.

SCD will be on the SCD interisland net:
40m on 7080 kHz LSB (+/- qrm). Freq moved to 7080 due to Honduras earthquake
60m on 5330.5 kHz USB (+/- qrm)
80m on 3993.5 kHz LSB (if 40m is not open)

Messages will be exchanged in ICS-213 message format. A major part of this exercise is to gain experience in sending and receiving ICS-213 messages. Stations are encouraged to generate and send test messages for the exercise. All stations will use "THIS IS AN EXERCISE MESSAGE" at the beginning and end of all messages.

During the Tuesday and Wednesday daytime nets, the net will interface directly with a simulated joint Federal-State-Oahu EOC, and stations are encouraged to exchange messages consistent with the exercise. Listen to bulletins issued during the exercise for scenario conditions.

Kevin AH6QO is looking for stations to inject pre-defined messages via amateur radio on VHF/UHF into the EOC on Wednesday daytime. Contact Kevin at AH6QO at ARRL.NET if you are interested and able to participate.

Net Schedule:
Tuesday (6/2) @ 1900 - 2100 KH6HPZ
Wednesday (6/3) @ 0800 - KH6HPZ
Wednesday (6/3) @ 1900 - 2100 KH6HPZ

Exercise will end at 12 noon on 4 June.


May 25, 2009

Statewide Hurricane Exercise - Oahu RACES participation.

Net Schedule:
Tuesday (6/2) @ 1900 - KH6OCD

DEM will be on the following frequencies:

146.880- DH Repeater - Command/Control
146.98-/448.700- HMB Repeater - Traffic


May 31, 2009

Statewide Hurricane Exercise - Healthcomm participation.

Call signs:
Healthcomm - KH6HC

Healthcomm members will participate individually, as opposed on a Healthcomm net.

SCD may be on the following frequencies at differing times:

147.280 - Hawaii Medical Center-West Repeater

Healthcomm will be on HF:
40m on 7080 kHz LSB (+/- qrm)
60m on 5371.5 kHz USB (+/- qrm)
80m on 3888 kHz LSB (if 40m is not open)

Find out more by contacting:  rhashiro(remove this part)@hawaiiantel.net
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