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In 1999, the SWATCH AG tried a world-wide promotion of their new Internet Beat line of watches using a special satellite.

Unknowingly, the downside of the promotion was that the satellite was to operate in the Amateur Radio Space Service. That led to a protest campaign by amateur radio operators around the world. Below are the left-overs at the end of the campaign. The links are old and probably are broken.

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April 17, 1999

I would thank Rob Carlson, KC2AEI for his investigative work in compiling his open letter to the amateur community and disseminating it via the Internet alerting amateurs. It tuned us in that there was an upcoming event that needed their attention and participation.

I would also like to thank  Ed Mitchell, KF7VY for his online newsletter and numerous industry contacts which helped to obtain vital contacts in short order.

I would like to thank the PR office of the SWATCH Group for maintaining a bridge for dialog with the amateur community.

And, I would like to thank you for making the time to communicate and constructively let your presence be known -- and to help inform and educate newcomers about applicable rules and regulations that govern the international radio spectrum. Continue to carry amateur radio in a positive, constructive light and continue the proud tradition of being international ambassadors of goodwill.

I have learned a lot through this process in the past two weeks about how postive, constructive comments combined with prayer can accomplish mutually desired goals, and I hope that when intervention is needed in the future that you can do the same as well.

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