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Why I like Ham Radio?
"What's not to love? There's challenges - testing for the license, contests, and awards. There's fun - events, clubs, and friends in all parts of the world. There's satisfaction - communications for public events, emergency communications for disasters and delivering a radiogram that says "Happy Mother's Day." There's life-long learning - new equipment, new kinds of radio transmissions, geography, and electronics. There's your unique name - your amateur radio call sign. There's something for everyone".
Sherri Brower, W4STB Vero Beach, FL
THANKS FOR CHECKING IN. I hope you enjoy my work.
I wish you pleasant browsing and hope to catch you on the air!
You may find me on Echolink.. SEE YOU AGAIN SOON.     73!
  73 is an expression used in Morse transmissions. It means best regards.
73's de Costi, YO2BZV

       Remember that this page Is Still Under Construction. A website is an organic entity, forever changing and growing.I guess some things take time...Your patience is appreciated!   
"A man is really educate when he know how to make friends and keep them."  I. Newton.
 73  73  

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Viata prin poezie
 Incepand de la 1 iulie 2004, iubitorii undelor radio pot gasi la  toate informatiile de care au nevoie.
Interventiile mele la sondajele de opinie exprimate pe

Receptie SSB via Internet Remote Base!
La data de 14.05.2004 am realizat prima receptie SSB via Internet Remote Base! Din pacate nu am avut parte de o bucurie prelungita ...continuare


El Tiempo Timisoara

Frecvente recomandate traficului QRP
1810 - 3560 - 7040 - 10160 - 14060 - 21060 - 24906 - 28060 MHz.
 1910 - 7285 -14285 - 21385 - 24950 - 28385 MHz

Digital CQ frequency
SSTV: 3730, 14230, 21340, 28680 Khz
DIGSSTV: 3730-3733, 14240 Khz  
PSK31/63: 1838.15, 3580.15, 7035.15, 14070.15, 21080.15, 28120.15Khz
PSK62:14072 khz USB
MT63: 3596, 14109.5, 21120 , 28130 Khz USB
MFSK: 1838, 3580, 7037,14080, 21080, 28080 Khz USB
OLIVIA:3585, 7038.5, 14104.5 to 108.5 Khz US
PACTOR I FEC: 14074 to14076 Khz USB   
PSK31FEC: 14074, 14075 Khz USB   

Ce este un QSL card?
Multi radioamatori tin la traditionala confirmare a contactelor radio cu clasicul "paper" QSL card. Aceasta practica este folosita, mai ales...continuare

Ce fericit e omul, cand
Mai poate fi baiat,
             Cand poarta...continuare
                                     L. Holty

Tin raboj in duh arhaic.
Numar ca ciobanul
     Cate-s albe...continuare
                       Lucian Blaga

Gabriel García Márquez
Gabriel García Márquez (n.6. 03. 1928) s-a retras din viata publica din motive
de sanatate...continuare
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