Amateur radio is a wide and diverse hobby and amateur radio enthusiasts, affectionately called "hams".
This hobby is one of the best and you can play it at every age, even when you are 80-90.

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About me
I was born in 1948 nr Deva, Hunedoara county, Romania. My initial interests in radio began years earlier with a  popular receiver from the early 1950's .
I was enthusiastic about wireless transmissions.
  At the age of 23 I often visited club station YO2KAB in our town Timisoara when I meet for the first time YO2ABW Tavi Iovanut (silent key) - leader and first operator in CW .He has been very active in HF bands. I got my SWL number YO2-1047/TM in 1972 As a newcomer I spent almost all my free time with home made receiver (1-V-1 HI) radio on the table and headphones on my head, listening amateur radio traffic, Dxpeditions in HF bands, and learning how amateurs work. It was very good experience for the future. In 1972 I met Puiu Danet YO2ALS, Victor Kemeny YO2BCO (silent key) who was my first hamTEACHERS!  I can not forget for Florin Sarbu - YO2IX (silent key - who helped me so much in my HAM activity and my life), Oscar Jager YO2BF, George Cherchez YO2BB, Leo Genescu YO2BM, Szigy Suli YO2IS
And many others, especially from YO2 area who set my way. I would like say THANK YOU to ALL!
My first HAM licence YO2BZV in 1973.
 80 meters, 40 meters, 20 meters, 17 meters, 15 meters, 10 meters, 6 meters, 2 meters, HF.
 Hamfests, Portable operation, QRP, Rag chewing, Shortwave listening.
Amateur satellites, AMTOR, Contests, CW, Digital modes, DX, FlexNet, FM, Internet, Logging programs, Multimode, Packet, PACTOR, PSK31, RTTY, SSB, SSTV.
Computers, Construction of equipment, Filters, Homebrewed equipment, Integrated circuits, Keyboard CW, Keyers, Power supplies, Repeaters, Station accessories, Straight Keys, Test equipment, Transceivers, Transistors, Vacuum tubes.
Coaxial cable, Dipole antennas, Multi-band antennas.

Recent history has brought me into two major areas of interest in ham radio:
-all digital mode and RTTY contesting.
I try to stay somewhat active in the digital, and satellite amateur radio communications.

I'm not DX-man!
Thanks for taking time to check out my web page.
Enjoy this site. Let me know what I can do to make it better, and please send your comments, as I enjoy hearing from people who visit!
73 de Costi, yo2bzv
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