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Ever wonder what a radio station in the "Ring of Fire," surrounded by volcanoes and coconut trees, looks like? Most of these pictures are from Radio Republik Indonesia outlets on the island of Java. Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) is operated by the government and consists of a network of regional stations located in all 27 provinces of the archipelago. RRI news, called "Warta Berita," is produced in Jakarta and, by law, must be broadcast on every licensed broadcast station on the hour. It's easy to spot radio pirates by finding music 5 minutes past! 

My Indonesian friends, especially you guys who've tagged along for a visit, think I'm gila (nuts.) "Don't they all look the same to you?" Sure, at first they might, but beyond the mixers and endless rows of office cubicles and desks sit the people who give their best to inform, entertain, and service the listening public. They're very proud of their work, and are especially happy when a letter from a foreign listener arrives at their desk. I hope that when you have a chance to come to Indonesia you will take some time and tour a station or two. You'll not only learn what it takes to produce programs, but you'll also definitely make their day!

RRI Malang    RRI Semarang     RRI Surabaya
RKPDT Blitar (AM)
LCBS Malang (FM)    Pro 2 Makobu FM    Skor FM
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