Radio Republik Indonesia - Malang
3381 kHz 10 kW, 891 kHz 10 kW

Malang is one of Indonesia's most beautiful cities, stuck in a valley surrounded by five active volcanoes. It is a colonial town that has just recently felt the effects of mass-consumerism. Where warung food stalls once stood mega-malls now tower. Toursits from Australia and the Netherlands romp through the streets, inevitably going to The Toko Oen cafe where they can arrange tours to Mt. Bromo, a fuming volcano that has more in common with the surface of the moon than the Earth, and Bali island. A short ride from downtown Malang will take you over the winding roads through the mountains, and an even shorter trek in the opposite direction will take you by the studios of Radio Republik Indonesia Malang.

RRI Malang, one of this chilly college town's least visited sites, is one of the most impressive stations in the RRI Network. The studios recently moved to Jalan Candi Panggung to a one-story building emblazened with a beautiful gold and blue RRI logo. (Its old building has since been transformed into a tourist hotel!)

I went to the station with my friend Dr. Sugiyanto from Muhammadiyah University, and after getting a long friendly lecture from Ibu Kartini about Indonesian politics, we found ourselves in the studio being interviewed during a live broadcast (too bad I forgot my dictionary!)

RRI Building with Logo

RRI Malang's Antennas on Mt. Cemoro Lawang at sunrise (Notice Mt. Arjuna in foreground.)

Live Studio with staff

Ibu Kartini, the woman who replies to all DX reports!