Language Center Broadcasting Station

101.1 MHz FM, SW Planned

LCBS, "Radio for Reformers," is an unlicensed "Amatir" broadcast station run from the Departmen Bahasa Ingerris (English Language Department) at Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang. Built entirely by Andi and Taufik, two professors, from scratch it is run by students for the purpose of giving the campus a tool with which to speak English.

The transmitter is a homebrew stereo rig rated at between 100 and 75 watts, easily covering a good 10 miles. In fact, I drove up Mt. Bromo (about 30 miles away and a good 6000' up) with Andi and had absolutely no problem hearing the station's carrier. The studio consists of a homebrew 4-channel mixer and two car stereo cassette players. Up on the fourth story of the campus building stands the homebrew vertical.

Even though LCBS is teacher and student-run, the deans of the university tend to consider it a liability. But I've been told in confidence that it won't be shut down in light of the positive aspects it brings to the curriculum. When they make it to short wave, they will definitely be DX friendly!