RKPD Blitar
4074.5 kHz, 765 kHz AM - 500w

Blitar is a small town in southern East Java noteworthy for being the hometown of Indonesia's first president, Soekarno. It's a sleepy place that's got a tiny business district as well as ancient Hindu temples (called Candi Panataran.)  My friend Pak Rohmad of Muhammadiyah University and I took a train from Malang to visit...  RKPD Blitar!

Radio Khusus Pemerintah Kotamadya Daerah Tingkat II Blitar is in a one-room building with a 70' vertical stacked on the roof. Walking through the entrance, one is struck by a wall of tinted glass which divides the room. This is where the studio sits. When I arrived, the announcer and personnel officer were on the air but still happy to entertain my questions and pose for pictures.
In 1997, RKPD Blitar returned to Shortwave and now broadcasts on an 80 meter frequency with presumably 500 watts.  They had apparently been off on SW for quite some time since nothing was mentioned about it during my visit...  In fact, there was no shortwave transmitter there in August 1996!
RKPD Blitar Building
Waiting Area. The Studio is to the Right
Studio: 8-channel 2-bus mixer, 4 tape decks, equalizer, processor & compressor.
The Ancient 500w MW Transmitter