Radio Republik Indonesia - Semarang
3934 kHz 10 kW,

Semarang, the provincial capital of Central Java, is the home to 1.3 million people and Radio Republik Indonesia Semarang. I came to this city to perform with Ki Joko Edann Hadiwijoyo and his Karawitan Wijaya Laras gamelan orchestra as one of the intermission comedians. After a few weeks and performances on both RRI and TVRI, people knew me enough that I got one of the main announcers, Pak Okto Gunarso, to invite me to RRI for a tour.

RRI Semarang is widely known as one of the stations which broadcast live performances of 9-hour Wayang Kulit Shadow Puppet shows. The studios sit on the edge of town, however, it's a big station and definitely well staffed.

Studio 1, where prerecorded shows are broadcast (notice the 4-channel mixer.)

Studio 2, also for pre-recorded broadcasts.

Studio 3, where all those prerecorded shows are recorded!

RRI's Foley Studio, with Pak Okto Gunarso and (my old pal) Eduardo Verdu.

Ibu Anif posing in Studio 3's Booth with a few DX reports.

Semarang also has its own karawitan (Gamelan Orchestra.)

VHF Uplink Transmitters

RRI Broadcast Van during a Shadow Puppet Show

Inside the Austrian RRI Van with 8-channel mixer.