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I have enjoyed surfing the web and finding neat sites to visit.  Along the way, I have stumbled across a few sites that give awards for various things.  I decided to provide one of my own.  The criteria for this Award is as follows:

  •  Navigation should be straight forward and simple to follow, no long one page sites

  •  Design does not have to be "flashy", but should be unique and neatly laid out

  •  Christian content does not have to be the main theme of the site, but should be a prevalent theme easily found by "answer seekers" in the site

  •  Page load times should not be excessive (like this page with too many graphics)

  •  Most of all, the site should be interesting, useful, and fun for your visitors

  •  The site must be "family friendly".  No adult (pornographic or  nudity of any kind), racist, or abusive sites will be considered.  I'm a prude, so don't offend me in any way or I'll leave.

  • Above all, at least part of the site must be Inspirational by nature and contain some type of Ministry, be it large or small.  Your personal touch is expected.

Please allow 7-14 days for your site to be reviewed.  I will visit each site that is submitted for review.  If you are interested in applying for the award please send me an email with your full site URL, Name, email address, award choice, and a brief description of your site, or fill in the form below.  You will be notified within 7-14 days if your site qualifies for the award, and sent the URL for the location to download your award.  Thanks and good luck!  If you have not heard from me within 14 days you can safely assume your site didn't qualify.  All decisions are final!

In the which award are you applying for, only use the description of which award graphic name listed below you are applying for.  I want to make sure you receive the award of your choice.

What is your name?

Which Award are you applying for?

E-mail address?

Web site URL

Brief Description of site (75 letters max.)

"Christ is in This House Award"
 Your ALT-Text here  Your ALT-Text here  Your ALT-Text here
Red Square Cross Gold Cross Red Cross
Thanks to "Nikki" at 42 Street for designing and providing the Cross Graphics
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Thanks to Articutis at Articutis Protazon's Art Gallery for these graphics!


Brother Ricks Bits & Pieces Voice of Christ Jonathan's Corner
Brother Rick's Words of Inspiration Children of Mary The Love of My Life
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The Crystal Sea Eucharistic Apostles of Divine Love The Seraphim
Grace United Baptist Church Coyote Jo's Hope in a World of Hate
Under His Wings II Daisy & Kelly's Digital House - great for kids Reploids Among Us
Lowton Independant Methodist Church UK Tabetha's Web Page Touch of Peace
Articutis Protazon's Art Gallery Bethany Christian Church Because of Him
Voice of Deliverance Wednesday night Live! Heaven Bound
Hope in the Lord The Vietnam Experience Divine Ministries
Diocese of Kottapuram Words of Life From Jesus TNT Ministries
Journey to my Heart Esther Sisters St. Mark's Episcopal Church
Lighthouse for Jesus GW0GVQ Sister Rani Maria
Word of Life Ministries Belvoir FWB Church Youth St. Thomas Parish Church, Malayatoor
Angel Express Greeting Cards Youth of the nation Tylynn fro Him
St. Thomas the Apostle RC Church Things On My Mind New Jerusalem
TX Stardust Susan's Place Light House Ministries
Your Cross City of Faith, Hope, Love It's Scripture Time
The Church Ministries Tawas Area Presbyterian Church Walk In The Light
Make Up Your Mind Liberty Baptist Church Surrendering to God
The Road to Christ

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