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WSJT-JT44/JT65 For EME and Tropo Usage

This Page Also Applies To Using WSJT-JT44/JT65 Mode For Tropo Use.

Also check out the main WSJT/FSK441 section on this web site.
There is lots of info there that applies to all WSJT modes including JT44.

Just for FYI for "EME"
On 144mhz CW EME the Eastern most station normally goes 1st 2 min sequence.
432mhz CW EME the Western most station normally goes first with a 2.5 min.

On CW type EME skeds it is common for some EME stations to 
want you to
always go 1st (no matter who normally would go 1st) so that can figure out  if they
receive you as a vertical
or horizontal signal (Faraday/Spatial rotation).
Also on regular
CW EME it is also common for people to run other than the standard 2 min. on 144,
and 2.5 min. on 432 sequences.

Because of this I always make sure to ask the other station who they want to go 1st
no matter what is normal for a band.

More FYI Stuff  for "EME"

Screen capture of First North America EME contact

Screen capture of earlier version WSJT/JT44 1.9.2 of GM4JJJ and W8WN

Screen capture  WSJT/JT44 software is 1.9.4

Screen capture of Z-track SNR calculator

Software for "EME"

Where to get Z-track EME software  excellent EME moon tracking software

See main
EME section this web site for more excellent EME software

Software WSJT/JT44/JT65/FSK441 for "EME,Tropo, and Meteor Scatter"

Where to get main + upgrades    WSJT software  
EU Mirror WSJT Download  Web Site
DIMENSION 4 Software needed for "EME,Tropo, and Meteor Scatter"

Where to get dimension 4 software to keep your PC clock set to wwv

My dimension 4 setup options page

Fix for Dimension 4  (Fix forWindows XP users only)

Alternate Timing Idea's for WSJT for "EME,Tropo, and Meteor Scatter"

Using GPS and other alternate timing idea's  for WSJT/JT44/FSK441 timing by K1SIX

Using Tardis 2000 software  and a GPS for Time Sync

How To Setup WSJT/JT44 Software for"EME and Tropo"

Look here for basic information on setting up WSJT/JT44 mode

My Notes on Rig and Sound Card Setup for "all WSJT modes"

Look here  for info on setting up your sound card and adjusting rig etc .

If you run Windows ME or Windows XP
your com port may have xmit always keyed

Windows XP com port stuck in operate . Look here for the fix.

Windows ME com port stuck in xmit at boot up. Look here for to fix the tbl
The .zip file contains a hotfix.txt file + 285894usam.exe file which is the fix.

To Fix Your Transmit Audio from being interrupted when online

(and you hit your refresh or the <back> <forward> buttons). The audio from the soundboard can be
interrupted momentarily (fraction of a second) causing your amplifier relays to chatter.  
This has been noticed with several windows versions.
Here is the fix .

Where to update your "callsign.txt" file in WSJT for "all WSJT modes"
this can show you grids, E-mails plus bands/power run for JT44 stations

WSJT Registery  by AA1YN

Where To Get A PC to Rig Interface Unit or the most
basic RS232 Serial Port Keying circuit
"all WSJT modes"

I really like the   RigBlaster by West Mountain Radio

A Basic RS232 Serial Port keying circuit  to key your rig PTT

How to Run a Sked with WSJT/JT44 Software for "EME and Tropo"

Tips on running a JT44 sked . Things like what you should be seeing in
WSJT/JT44 windows
and what can cause you problems during a sked .

How to run JT44 skeds with different formats for "EME and Tropo"

How to run a WSJT/JT44 Tropo sked ( using Standard JT44 Tropo format )

How to run a WSJT/JT44 EME sked ( using Standard EME format )

Where to find JT44 Skeds for "EME and Tropo"

Where to find the Stations to run EME skeds WSJT-EME Link

EME Schedule Setup web site

EME Activity Logger  web site

Where to find stations to run Tropo skeds JT44 Tropo Link

Where to find general information on "EME"

General information on EME

A 144mhz EME Primer  by W5UN

W5LUU Moon Data For 144mhz  for 2002

Where to ask questions or talk about"all WSJT modes"

Choose "HSMS" reflector at

The WSJT/JT44 Board and Forum BBS by DK5YA

Where to check out the latest News about "all WSJT modes"

  "Hot News" about WSJT by W8WN (both EME and Meteor Scatter)

Some Other Web Sites devoted to WSJT modes

A JT44 Starter Page  by W3SZ


50mhz EME info  by W7GJ

The VHFDX.DE site   Comparison of CW to JT44  plus more

K1SIX JT44 mode (Non-EME) 50mhz standings