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DX with FreeDV plus Video
Currently the FreeDV plus Video DX record, 1,600 miles, is held by Ray, W4BCX. In July and August of 2016 he and Rick, WA6NUT, had FreeDV+ QSO's, with W4BCX successfully receiving FreeDV together with the video clip being sent by WA6NUT. During the August QSO Ray recorded Rick's video as a ".49" video file (band conditions on 20M were poor the day of the recording). You can view this video by downloading the zipped .49 file (Link 1 below), unzipping the file and playing it on the RxReplay7A application (included with the FreeDV+ software). You'll want to adjust the picture brightness for better viewing. The greenish tint resulted from Ray's receiver being tuned 2-3 Hz off frequency. Link 2 below, recorded by W4BCX in October 2016, shows correct tuning and the effects of propagation (fading) and and some tuning adjustment (see screenshot below). Compare these videos with the WNDSURF1.49 video (also included with the FreeDV+ software).
DX Video Link 1 - - DX Video Link 2

Below: FreeDV+ DX received by W4BCX (WNDSURF1.AVI from WA6NUT)

Use a Distant Receiver to Monitor Your FreeDV plus Video Signal
With a WebSDR Receiver: A WebSDR is a receiver at a distant location available to monitor your FreeDV+ signal. The link below gives you a PDF document showing you how to use a WebSDR to monitor your FreeDV+ signal, along with a video showing a FreeDV+ signal being received at a WebSDR 890 miles away (see screenshot below). An app for Windows, RxReplay7A, is also included to play the video. Links to the home pages of WebSDR and (another system of on-line SDR's) are given below.
WebSDR Instructions Link - - WebSDR Home Page Link - - Home Page Link

Below: FreeDV+ DX received by the KFS WebSDR (WNDSURF1.AVI from WA6NUT)

Below: FreeDV+ DX received by the W3PIE/WA3MJY, a distance of over 1,400 miles.
WA6NUT is transmitting a "twirling license plate" video clip with voice.
(mouse over the image to enlarge)

Or with the BATC Live Stream: There's another way to monitor your FreeDV plus Video signal, in real time, as it is being received by a distant station. The British Amateur Television Club (BATC) provides live Internet streaming so ATV'ers can monitor their own signals as well as the signals of other ATV stations.

When it is streaming, the FreeDV plus Video live stream monitors 14236 kHz, with audio from a FreeDV decoder ("1600" mode) and video displayed from ZL2AFP's receiving software, modified for compatibility with FreeDV. The receiving station is at Buena Vista, Colorado. You can check the status of the stream by clicking the link below (to conserve bandwidth, the BATC requests that members refrain from streaming 24/7).
BATC Stream Link

Real-Time FreeDV plus Video Activity
If you want to see who's on FreeDV plus Video (or FreeDV digital voice) right now, together with their frequency, go to K7VE's QSO Finder website.
QSO Finder Link

FreeDV plus Video Presentation
Here's a PowerPoint presentation on FreeDV+ you can share with your ham radio club. The narrator's notes, along with the link for downloading the PowerPoint, are included in the PDF document.
FreeDV+ Presentation Link Group for FreeDV plus Video
There's a site with loads of files, links and photos related to FreeDV plus Video. You'll have to join the Group for access to these resources. You can visit the group site by clicking on the link below, and you can apply for membership by entering your e-mail address and clicking on the "Subscribe" button below. When we receive your request, we'll send you a Welcome letter. Please reply to this letter, giving us your name, callsign, and reason for wanting to join. Upon receipt of this information, we'll accept your membership (note that membership is restricted to licensed radio amateurs). Link

NEW! The Group has an awards program with certificates available to both members and non-members alike. You'll like this wallpaper! Click on the certificate below for more details.

In addition to the two-way certificate shown below, the Group offers a one-way certificate for contacts where one station transmits FreeDV without video and receives FreeDV with video from the other station. Ray, W4BCX, holds Certificate No. 001 (see "DX with FreeDV plus Video" above). Click the link below to view a sample One-Way award (PDF).
One-Way PDF Link

- 5 July 2013 -

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