FreeDV plus Video

FreeDV plus Video

How you can be seen, as well as heard, with this new HF sound card mode!

FreeDV plus Video provides Video Conferencing over HF!

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Slide 1: Station receiving WA6NUT voice and video YouTube Link
Slide 2: WA6NUT voice and video received at Hopwood, PA SDR receiver
Slide 3: WA6NUT waterfall ID at end of FreeDV+ transmission, received near Edmonton, Alberta
Slide 4: Transmitting FreeDV+ with PureSignal
FreeDV plus Video adds a new dimension -- video conferencing -- to amateur radio operation on HF. Imagine a QSO where you're able to listen to and see the other operator!

FreeDV plus Video offers an HF alternative to UHF fast-scan TV.
Why Digital Voice?
FreeDV plus Video provides crystal-clear, noise-free, FM-like voice quality on HF!
Why Add Video?
FreeDV plus Video provides half-duplex video conferencing on HF! (similar to low-resolution surveillance video, at one frame/sec)
Learn more!
Click on each of the links near the top of this page to learn more about this experimental mode. Or, for a brief summary, click the FAQ link below. The other link below describes how this mode was developed, from 2004 to the present.
FAQ Link - - "How We Got Here" Link

- 5 July 2013 -

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