Dial's Repeater Systems

We have the following repeaters:

  • FM linked analog repeaters on 146.61, & 444.825 (W8BLV).

  • Yaesu Fusion repeater on 147.315 (W8JEU) that is both analog and digital.

  • Digital voice DMR repeater on 444.3625.

  • APRS packet radio system 144.39 (W8BLV).

Acceptable Use Policy and Basic Rules for Using the W8BLV/W8JEU Dial Radio Club Repeater Systems

Please Read This Policy Before Use

"This document originated with the WB4GBI repeater system.  The document was revised and used with their permission."

The W8BLV FM repeater system is linked together on 2 bands. Outputs are on 146.610 (-600 kHz)  and 444.825 ( +5MHz )  PL is 77.0 Hz. 

  • This system has Echolink and other special functions. The repeater controller is a CAT-1000.

  • We have two remote receive sites in West Middletown and Middletown.  Previously we had a remote site in Monroe, but the water tower that supported it has been removed.
  • The antenna is 340 feet above ground.
  • The 146.61 system has been on the air since the early 70's, other frequencies have been added over the years.
  • We have an emergency backup for the W8BLV FM repeater that is used when the main repeater fails (usually due to lightning).

The W8JEU FM repeater is on 147.315 (+5 MHz) with a  PL of  77.0 Hz.

  • This repeater is located on the west side of Middletown in Madison Township.
  • This is a Yaesu System Fusion repeater that offers automatic and user selectable FM or C4FM digital operation.

The W8BLV DMR digital repeater is on 444.3625 (+5 Mhz), Color code is 1.  {Input 449.3625}

  • The repeater was installed in November 2014 and is connected into the world wide K4USD network via the Internet.
  • It provides high quality voice communications to several thousand other DMR repeaters.


All of our systems have battery backup and redundant power supplies. The FM voice repeaters all require a PL of 77.0 Hz.