Monthly General Membership Meetings are on the third Monday of every month.   The next meeting will be at the Clubhouse Sports Grill, 250 N. Main Street, Monroe, OH.  Dinner begins at 6:00, followed by our business meeting at 7:00.  Talk-in on 146.61- and 77Hz PL.




Dial's Elected Officers:

President Ernie Howard, Jr. W8EH
Vice President Dave Williamson
Secretary Barney Taylor N8HP
Treasurer Ron Spaulding N8QF
Activities Manager Roy Dalton N8LRN



Trustees, Editor & Committee Chairs

W8BLV & W8JEU Ernie Howard, Jr. W8EH
K8PI Dave Williamson KD8W
Newsletter Editor Carl Morgan K8CM
Website Tim Murphy
Education & Classes Beverley Taylor N8GGE
Exams Carl Morgan K8CM
Exams (alternate) Dave Williamson KD8W
Historian Bob Rohrbach NR8R


About Dial

DIAL Radio Club is affiliated with the American Radio Relay League and has a membership of over 80, with most being from the southwest Ohio area. We are a general interest club with a focus on instruction.  Dial initially formed during the 1930's and has been an ARRL Affiliated Club since 1941.  We have offered classes to prepare students for their amateur exams for more than 30 years.  We have been giving FCC exams since the Volunteer Examiner process began.  Currently we are offering zero cost exams under the auspices of the Laurel VEC.   We are proud of our role in helping to increase the number licensed amateurs.


Ohio Secretary of State Filings

Ohio Secretary of State Filings



Dues for a Dial membership are family based.  The family includes all who live under one roof plus full time students that  reside on campus for part of the year.  The dues are $26 per year for a full membership.  The year begins on January 1 and ends on December 31 of a year.  New members joining after July 1 pay a fee of  $13 for the remainder of the year (note this does not apply to former members that have not renewed).  Students in Dial courses that earn their first amateur license after completing the course are given a 1-year membership for free.  Sorry, but it does not apply to upgrades.



Application for Membership


E-mail Dial

General email to the DIAL Radio Club can be sent to [email protected]. We also have an e-mail reflector used by members for updates and time sensitive information.