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Spring/Fall Project 2021     
     We are looking at three possible antenna builds for 2021 depending
     on how things work out with the world collapse in general. But really,
     Bruce Yaeger [KE7TDR] and Henry Hunter [KN3RD] have brought to our
     attention a dummy load project that first appeared in the 2018 QST
     magazine. We are also looking at a possible magnetic loop antenna, and
     probably the easiest would be a roll up slim jim antenna....
     Click HERE for the relevant links on this.
Spring/Fall Project 2020     
     Uh - we are developing our surivial skills this year. It turns 
     out that one of the essentials of handling 2020 is toilet paper.
     Honestly, there has been no time or chance of a project this year
     because of all the things that have happened. First COVID, and 
     now riots nationwide. Who knows what November will hold for us.
     Say pryers for the country.

     A side note - Matthew Grayson decided to re-work the website 
     so that it's mobile device friendly. Well - most of it anyway.
     Please send him info on any corrections you might notice...
Spring/Fall Project 2019     
     We are building something different this year. It will involve 
     a variety of skills in the fabrication process - ranging from
     drilling holes for panel mount indicators and switches, etc to
     some intermediate work at soldering.
     Click HERE to see the informs.
Spring Project 2018     
     As you are probably aware, it was voted into effect 
     that this spring the BSARC will focus on building an HF 
     antenna for use during the 2018 Field Day operations downtown
     Big Spring, TX!! So this spring get ready to work together 
     on the construction of a good size, portable, antenna that 
     will also be something the club owns and can use each year
     for the event. Click HERE to see the informs.
ANET A8 3D Printer project
Check out the progress and what is coming up next...
     Click HERE to check out the 3D printer project, 
     and how you can participate....
     Click HERE to take a look at what 3D drafting entails.
     Gotta know how if you're gonna design a part...
2 Meter tape measure project -
     Click HERE.
iCom 5100 dual watch fail You Tube demonstration = click HERE.
     The iCom link is provided here as a project listing
     as well as an easy access point for any tech support
     we may be able to get from iCom.
HAM Shack Upgrade - 
     The W5AW radio tower shack is being upgraded...
     Click HERE for the informs page...
Henry Hunter's [KN3RD] Workshop / HAM Shack -
     Take a look at the progress Henry is making
     on his new building he is fixing up.
     Click HERE.
Matthew's [W5KER] You Tube stuff++
     Here's some of his material for your time-wasting efforts.
     Click HERE.

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