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Here is a primer on the GE Master II series of radios that I presented to the North Alabama Repeater Association. Lots of photos of the base station and mobile radio. Warning this is a 12 Megabyte PDF file! 

GE Master II basics

The North Alabama Repeater Association has based their repeater systems around the GE Master II. In order to educate our technical helper group, I presented this NARA Technical helper manual. Those interested in GE Master II's might want to look this over. Warning this is a 7 Megabyte PDF file!

NARA Tech helper manual V3

I've seen very little mentioned about the newer IDA integrated control board that replaced the older GE Master II rack of control cards. Follow the link at the bottom for more IDA information. In my case I installed a ham controller (RC-85) to it.




GE IDA Connector pinouts

 Interfacing a GE IDA controller

Rear Panel of GE Master II with IDA

 A small interface buffer board for COS and PL was added to the IDA board at J200.



If you ever want to power the GE Master II base from an Astron Power source or battery backup but were concerned about that little Molex power plug on the back of the base station supply, then this stock GE unit is a nice way to accomplish that.

Ever had your entire repeater totally wiped out by a lightning strike? Yeah me too! You might some day want to add every extra protection measure you can. Here is a Polyphaser 12 VDC protection box mounted onto the back of the GE Master II base station supply. You actually have to wire it into the circuit before it breaks out into the two separate filtered paths to the PA and RF drawer. If interested drop me an email.

Here is a circuit that was developed for the North Alabama Repeater Association by Gary Dion N4TXI. We wanted to add battery backup to our GE Master II stock power supply. The normal crux of the problem is that big power resistor inside the GE supply. Well the supply isn't stock anymore but it works a lot better than GE's attempt. Just add an external intelligent battery charger and a couple of 100+ Amp hour batteries.
Here are the pin outs of those 3 Molex connectors on the back of the GE Master II rear panel. It is used for the remote control console.

GE Master II Rear Panel Connectors

Here is a pictorial front view of the GE Master II card rack connector pin outs GE Master II card edge fingers
Pictorial view and pin outs of those 3 big black connectors on GE Master II RF drawer. (those connectors can also be found on the older GE Master Pro series) GE MPRO CONNECTORS USED IN MASTER II
I like to buffer CAS or RUS before we tie it to an external ham controller. Here is a circuit that plugs into the GE rack using a GE 'prototyping' card. RUS buffer GE MII .pdf
We wanted to remote control the PL encode tone on and off going to the GE Master II exciter. GE MII PL ENCODE RELAY.pdf




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