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PL encode on CAS/RUS only. If you want to remove the PL tone out of your repeater when there is not an active signal then this is an easy way to do it. I use this on a split site 6 meter repeater on the uhf link TX. It prevents the cwid on the link TX from being heard in the far end (most of the time).

PDF schematic of plmute circuit

Primer on converting the GE Master II mobile to a full duplex repeater.

Warning 3.6 Mbytes PDF file. Hi speed internet connection recommended.

GE Master2 Mobile Conversion 
PDF Format file of GE MasterII system interface board connector pinouts System Interface Board
Modifying the mobile system control board for full duplex operation. Add the four orange wires.

Full Duplex Mod Add:
H71-H72 bypass PTT delay
H6-H73 Select F1
H2-H5 tie F1 select to both TX and RX
(usually already installed)
H89-H90 Apply A+ (+13.6) to circuitry
H79-H81 Turn on RX OSC
H95-H96 disable rx mute on ptt

System control board pictorial with pin outs of connectors

Note link to the left on removing the lock cylinder to allow cable pass through or receiver RF input connector.





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