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The MVP is an under-dash 5/20/35W radio and is related to the GE Exec II which both very close to the GE Mastr II. The VHF and UHF tune up to the ham band without modifications. The 6 meter 'may' take some additional work for full spec operation. They can all be modified to full duplex repeater operation. The full duplex modification is one of the easiest to perform. The small size of the MVP makes it a nice backup or low power 10 Watt repeater. There is room inside the desktop power supply for an NHRC4 controller. The main difference in the Receiver is that the Master II has two more poles of crystal filters in the IF circuit than some of the Exec II radios.

The MASTR II uses ICOMs which are temperature compensated modules. The MVP (and Exec II) use OPEN element crystal holders and the compensation is done on the exciter.. One note, the SAME crystal can be used in an EXEC II, MVP and Master II. The crystal formulas are the same.

The EXEC II and MVP share the same board layout. The Master II modular components are arranged differently. They are not interchangeable with the EXEC II and MVP.

There are many excellent sites that discuss this radio for conversion to ham radio use. You can use the tuning guide of a GE Exec II to help tune up the MVP.

A excellent starting point for conversion of GE EXEC II's are the links below:

The GE MVP conversion to a repeater can be found here:

Below is the back side of an MVP UHF mobile radio converted into a repeater. It is sitting on top of a GE AC to 13.6 VDC matching desktop power supply. Above it is attached a mobile UHF duplexer. A separate shielded receiver RG-142 cable was brought out the back. Cabling for an external repeater controller (NHRC-2) was brought out next to the existing power supply Molex connector. NHRC and other earlier suppliers have created a custom repeater controller to mount inside the MVP. GE also produced a small repeater using this configuration.

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