By Arnold CW Timm (c)1999 All Rights Reserved


Isn't that (there) circuit small,

dinky watts for fusion;

if your radiations' tall,

you may be heard in Houston!

Tidbits not- but microscopes

, to see our timid current;

soldered-in with care & lopes,

as DeMaw taught - we learnt!

Yesiree Bob - see double you,

still casts our signal snare;

catching code is FUN to do,

or else I'd sell my share!

When they hear such deft dBs,

if propagation's proper;

with antenna above the trees,

and coaxial cable copper!

As all components fall in place,

if input/outputs' equal;

we'll never once be lost in space,

but save footage for the sequel!

8/4/98 --- KA0TPZ


August 2000