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               October Contest Corner by AE4CU
...UPDATED 19 OCT 2000...

    VQS contests are open to all interested QRPers anywhere. You need not be a member of VQS
to submit an entry. VQS accepts logs on the "HONOR" system. All that is required is a one line entry
via e-mail to the contest manager.  To accommodate the "little" guy, VQS has 2 categories;  The
"Rotatable Antenna" category, and the "Stationary" antenna category for operators utilizing wire
antennas.  The winner of each category receives a small trophy engraved with their call sign and the
name/date of the contest.  ALL other entries (2nd place and below) receive a small surprise in the mail.  


   VQS Contest news 10/19/00:  .

   Consolation prizes for the 2nd annual VQS "Virginia QSO Party  (Piggyback of the 25th
annual VA QSO Party sponsored by the Sterling Park ARC)  were
mailed out today to 
to everyone who submitted a  log  entry to VQS.  Everyone  should receive a 100mhz zip disk
in the next 2 or 3 days. .
   We understand that everyone doesn't have a zip drive yet but you most likely will the
next time you upgrade your pc. We got a great deal on them at $4 ea and couldn't pass up on
that deal

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  ***Announcing the 3rd Annual Fall QSO Party
(Piggyback of the QRP-ARCI's fall QSO Party***

When: Oct 21st 1200z to Oct 22nd 2400z
Click here to view the Rules:

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  As usual we will follow their rules and scoring guidelines and will award trophies to
the winners of both categories (Rotatable and Stationary). 
EVERYONE who submits
a "one liner" entry to us will receive a surprise in the mail. 

  Here's the deal:
1. Operate in the contest, following the rules/guidelines posted by the
QRP-ARCI (see link above)
2. Confirm that you have no "dupes" and  Submit a "one liner" entry like these from
the last QRP-ARCI Fall QSO Party: 
   VA/N4ROA/450,058/1037/62/4W/Low (40 & 80M)/15hrs./K2/450 ft. loop & tuner.
   WI/AE9K/274,575/523/75/5W/ALL/8Hrs/TS 430/AP8A Vertical 3 Radials
   VA/KK4R/169,302/417/58/5W/All/5.5Hrs/IC 735/Doublet
  ( Be sure and indicate the Antenna(s) you used so we can insert your score in either
    the "Rotatable" or "Stationary" Antenna Category.
3. That's it!. The scores will be posted as they are received. The winners will receive
a small trophy with their call sign/name/contest info engraved on it and EVERYONE
else will receive a 100mb zip disk, a recordable CD with the jewel case, or a roll
of antenna support rope.  E-mail entries to AE4CU.

As always, be sure and check out N2CQ's monthly contesting page  by Ken Newman on
the NJQRP Clubs website (A great source of QRP contest info!)

John, AE4CU (VQS #003)
VQS Contest Manager

INTERIM RESULTS AS OF Monday, Oct 24th, 2000, 6:48am est...:

Rotatable Antenna Category:

FLORIDA/N4BP/2,607,770/17,270/151/1W/ALL/24Hrs/FT-1000MP/TH7Beam (Rotatable)
PANAMA/HP1AC / 324,310 /565/82 /5W/ ALL/15HRS/ TS430S/TA33JR /LONGWIRE&TUNER
ENGLAND/G3XJS/ 170,100/405/60/3W/20-15-10/8hrs/K2/Western DX32 2ele
VIRGINIA /W4IDW/   80,920/340/34 /4W/ All/6HRS/TenTec Argo II/2 ele Tribander @ 30ft.

Stationary Antenna Category:

PENNSYLVANIA/W3BBO/1,072,974/1299/118/5W/ALL/20 Hrs/K2/80 Meter Loop & Vertical
N9SE/354,960/522/68/LT1W/40-10M)/6hrs./K2/trap dipole up 25 ft
VIRGINIA/   K4TX/  95,697/441/31/5/40m/7Hrs/FT-1000Mp/2 ele delta loop
VIRGINIA/W4MXZ/  75.656/386/28/5W/ALL/6 Hrs/IC-751/Various Dipoles
VIRGINIA/KB8IJN/   30,940/170/26/5W/All/2hrs/Kwd TS850/Multiband Dipole
VIRGINIA/AE4CU/      7,644/ 78/14/5W/ALL/1 Hr/Swan/Zepp

PENNSYLVANIA/K3WWP/20/10/2/5W/All/0.25hrs./TS-570D(G)/15M dipole-random wire


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Final Results of the 2nd Annual VQS "Virginia QSO Party" (Spring 2000).
   Winners: Rotatable Antenna Category: N4ROA (Runner up W4IDW)
                   Stationary Antenna Category: NA3V  (Runner up W3BBO)

Final  Results of the VQS Fall QSO Party (Fall 1999)
   Winners:  Rotatable Antenna Category:  KU7Y (Runner up K4TX)
                    Stationary Antenna Category: N7XJ (Runner up N4ROA)

Final Results of the 1st Annual VQS "Virginia QSO Party" (Spring 1999)
   Winners: Rotatable Antenna Category: N4ROA (Runner up KB8IDW)
                   Stationary Antenna Category: NA3V  (Runner up KU4FP)

Final Results of the VQS Labor Day Sprint (Fall 1998)
   Winners: N2CQ (Runner up NA3V)

Final  Results of the VQS Fall QSO Party (Fall 1998)
   Winners:  K4GE (Runner up K1QM)

The winner of the first ever Virginia QRP Society contest was KD4PUP, Jerry
of Springfield, VA.
this was back in 95 during the QRP ARCI SPRING QSO PARTY.
Jerry was using an MFJ-9040 w/less than 5 watts, powered by a deep cycle marine
battery. He operated for 1 & 1/2 hours set up in his back yard from his pop-up camper.
His antenna was a Hustler mobile whip mounted on top of the camper. Jerry's final score
was 598.5, working 8 states. Great Job Jerry!!

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