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ARWorld Directory

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Information Search- Here's your chance to lookup an Amateur Radio operator by call sign or name. For the U.S., one of the searches included here uses the FCC's own database of licensed Amateurs. See if your call sign has been issued, or if your upgrade has gone through. There is also a Canadian search engine, links to the QRZ and Buckmaster databases, and a form for finding QSL information on-line. You can even check the daily activity log of the FCC to see what license actions have been taken during the day, or apply for a vanity call sign on-line.

Other information you can find on this page:

  • FCC database search
  • Canadian callsign search
  • WM7D's FCC database search
  • FCC transaction database search
  • Today's FCC actions listing
  • K4MA's Vanity callsign information
  • On-line Vanity callsign application form 610V
  • QRZ worldwide callsign search
  • GJ4ICD's World Wide Ham information
  • World Wide Web Amateur Radio bookmark file
  • 425 DX information page
  • HamCall (tm) callsign search
  • IK4LZH QSL search
  • E-mail address search

Hot Tips- Get the hottest tips around. We put this time-saving information here so you can keep track of what's happening in our hobby, as well as making your radio experience a bit more pleasureable.

Information you can find on this page:

  • FCC Forms hotline number
  • FCC Licenses hotline number
  • Dayton Hamvention Home Page
  • Information on the FCC's Amateur Station Sequential Callsign system
  • FCC Vanity callsign program information
  • U.S. International radio agreements
  • Reciprocal operating agreements
  • CK's "Ode to da Code" poem

Ham's Toolkit - This is the best kept secret on this site. Check here for on-going tips and hints on how you can enjoy Amateur Radio just a little bit more. Over 20 interesting informational sites can be accessed from the Toolkit.

Information you can find on this page:

  • AA9PW's Amateur Radio Exam Practice Page
  • Amateur Radio "Q" signals]
  • Current solar flux information
  • DXCC rules
  • FCC 610 Form Instructions
  • FCC Part 97 Regulations for the Amateur Radio Service
  • FCC Interference Handbook
  • Geographic Nameserver - find latitude and longitude
  • Ham Radio Frequently Asked Questions
  • Hourly STD DMSP Auroral Activity Report
  • International Callsign Resolver using Javascript
  • Near-Real-Time E-Layer Critical Frequency Map
  • Near-Real-Time F2-Layer Critical Frequency Map
  • Near-Real-Time Map of Solar Zenith Angles
  • Near-real-time MUF map
  • Phonetic Alphabet
  • Planetary K-index plot
  • Radio Modification files
  • Radio Modifications at QRZ
  • Today's Space Weather (updated every 2 minutes)
  • U.S. Amateur Radio HF Bands
  • VHF Propagation Logger
  • VHF Schedule Setup Page
  • W1AW Schedule
  • WWV Solar Flux with Boulder A and K Index

Top News- Get the latest news. We try to keep this section up-to-date with some of the most important news directly affecting our hobby.

Information you can find on this page:

  • ARRL Newsletters
  • WA6ITF Newsline
  • Ham Radio Online

Other Interesting Places- There's literally a world of other interesting places to go on the Internet. Here are some sites that will interest any Amateur Radio operator. This list even comes with its own rating system and a brief description of each site.

Information you can find on this page:

  • Amateur Radio News Pages
  • Callbook Pages
  • Club Pages
  • Commercial (and vendor) Pages
  • Digital Pages
  • DX and Contest Pages
  • Ham Home Pages
  • Ham Home Pages - DX
  • Miscellaneous Pages
  • TV Pages
  • Utilities & Search Engines
  • Partners without Pages listing

Ham Exams- You can't get a license without an exam, and Amateur's volunteer their time to help you take your test. Get the latest information on exams in your area from the ARRL. Also included is an on-line study guide.

Information you can find on this page:

  • National Listing
  • On-line License Study Guide
  • VEC List

Ham Clubs- Check for Ham Clubs in your area. As our list grows, so will your ability to find a radio club that's right for you. When you do find one, check it out. Clubs offer great opportunities to meet people with similar interests. And, they are also a great source of information, so you don't have to "reinvent the wheel."

Repeater Directory- Check out this listing of open repeaters in the U.S. provided by ARTSCI Publishing. This directory is broken out by state, and its convenient map index lets you go straight to your area of interest. Don't forget to use your browser's "BACK" button to return to Amateur Radio World.

Hamfest Schedules- Find out, straight from the ARRL, the latest hamfest and convention schedules and news. Hamfest are great sources of equipment and "odd-and-ends". Parts you won't normally find around town. Also, you might be able to come across a radio or other piece of equipment you've been looking for at a reasonable price.

Logbook- Sign our logbook, and see who else has been by. We're striving for our own version of "DXCC". So please help us out. And who knows, maybe you'll find an old friend, or start a new friendship along the way.

Youth - "The Shack"- A place exclusively for young Hams wanting a page of their own. There will be a Contact Corner, and a Amateur Radio related sites listing just for Hams under 18.

The Classifieds- Here's your opportunity to list an item of Amateur related equipment you want to sell, or find something to buy. This an established site on the Internet that is really first-rate. Just remember, after checking out what's available, to use the "Back" button on your browser to return to ARWorld.

Listings you can find on this site:

  • Amplifiers
  • Antennas/Towers
  • Antiques
  • Components/Tubes
  • Conventions/Hamfests
  • EME/Moonbounce
  • General Equipment/Bulk Sales
  • Handhelds
  • Keyers
  • Microphones
  • Packet
  • Phone Patch
  • Peamps
  • QRP Gear
  • Radios/Receivers
  • Repeaters
  • Rotors/Actuators
  • Satellite
  • Scanners
  • Test Equipment
  • Transmitters
  • Transceivers

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