CATCHING CODE By Arnold CW Timm (c)1999 All Rights Reserved


Listen up & down the bands,

squeeze your paddle proud;

an optimistic "show of hands",

stands out among the crowd!

Favorite feats - a fevers' pitch,

never mind the likes;

how they get their jolly/nitch,

by modulating mics!

Classic tube-ulation (yes), s

traight and narrow key;

Continent (divided cress),

next to nothing but their glee!

Telegraphic tensile strength,

seething signals mesh;

low power --- at the brink,

make pimples of our flesh!

Porch antenna nimble/norm,

clinging to its whip;

moisture soaked -- coil form,

shooting from the hip!

5/9/99 KA0TPZ

August 2000