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Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia. It is located on the western coast of St Vincent Gulf. The city is surrounded by the Mt. Lofty Ranges and the area surrounding the city is world renown for it's wine produce.

Heading away from the coastal strip, the terrain becomes very arid with numerous salt lakes and clay pans. It is this arid environment that gives South Australia great appeal to the modern day explorer with stunning ancient mountain ranges (Flinders Ranges), desert areas, natural oasis areas, beach driving on the Coorong and a sense of modern time history with the feats of early European Exploration.

The Cat family have toured through outback South Australia in 1995, 1999, 2000 & 2003. We have been lucky to see areas in both arid and wet states.

All outback unsealed roads should be avoided when wet.

Further reading.

Two Expeditions into the interior of Southern Australia by Charles Sturt. 1828, 1829, 1830 & 1831. The latter expedition had Sturt & co. rowing a whale boat down the Murrumbidgee and Murray rivers to the coast and then back again. A distance of around 3,200 Kms.

To the Inland Sea. By Hamilton. Based on Sturts Journal of the expedition. This is an account of Charles Sturt's 1844 - 1845 expedition leaving Adelaide to the Murray river then following the course of the Darling river to the Menindee Lakes. From here, he headed north west towards the present site of Broken Hill, then northwards to the site of Depot Glen where he was stranded by drought for 6 months. The expedition then headed north west to Fort Grey (where another depot was set up) then West to the Strzelecki Creek and then north to the Cooper Ck. at Innamincka. Sturt eventually got to the present site of Birdsville from where he headed west into the Simpson Desert. He never located his inland sea and only just managed to return home alive.

Cooper's Creek by Alan Moorehead. The tragic tale of the Burke and Wills 1860 expedition from Melbourne to the Gulf of Carpentaria and back and the events on the Cooper Creek at Innamincka and at the Dig Tree.

Edward John Eyre by Malcom Uren. A brief account of Eyres attempts to penetrate the terrain to the north of Adelaide and his expedition from Adelaide across the Nullabor to Albany in West Australia.

The Len Beadell books as documented in the VK6 information page.

The Simpson Desert by Mark Shepard

The Cooper Creek in Outback Australia. Photography by Pete Dobre

Corner Country. Australian Geographic by Mitch Reardon


VK5 Picture Page


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