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Thirukkural - 202

All articles here are related to topics like Education, Moral Values, Peace, Patriotism, Social, Health, Tolerence, Communal Harmony, India, Islam and many more. These English articles are thought-provoking and promote growth and are posted with the hope that we will become more educated, aware and responsible human beings.

We must learn from our mistakes, so that we do not repeat the same mistakes. Same action will produce the same result. We are equally responsible for the world being in the condition that it is now.



To Realize


God & Fate

Moral Code

Road Safety

Fire Hazards

Quranic Tips

Ten Attitudes

Human Rights

Human Chain

Interest - Riba

Good Example

Good Morning

Good Manners

Lessons In Life

Did You Know?

Essence Of Life

Path To Healing

Heal The World

Operation Death

Telling The Truth

A Career Choice

Voices For Peace


Dressing Etiquette

Keeping Promises

Be A Peacemaker

Don't Waste Food

Give A Little Smile

Words Of Wisdom

Overcoming Worry

A Lesson To Learn

Unity And Diversity

Avoid Fault Finding

Understanding Islam

Speak Good English

A Tale Of Two Seas


Precious Human Life

Haj Subsidy Is Unfair

Guarding The Tongue

Steps To Forgiveness

How To Stay In Love

Tips For Good Health

Protection Of Civilians

The Joy Of Human Life

Giving Of Alms (Zakat)

Declare War On Terror


Remembrance Of Death

Hindu - Muslim Relations

Anger Is Not The Solution

Smoking - A Social Poison

Bridge Urban-Rural Divide

Reflection On Earthquakes

Ten Things To Think About

Islam Denounces Terrorism

Love Can Defeat Terrorism

The Daily Life Of A Muslim

Gandhiji Sayings

Spirit Of Tolerance In Islam

The Ummah Of Moderation

Proportional Representation

Riots Are Threat To Society

Islam Illuminates The World

The Best & Worst of Words

The Four Paths Not To Take

To Get To Know Each Other

A Muslim Call To The Israelis

Morals And Manners In Islam

Islam and its message of peace for the entire humanity

Discipline And Public Conduct

The Bride Price: Dowry Abuse

How To Attain Peace Of Mind

Good Information About Fruits

Is Organ Donation Permissible?

Ragging - Crime Against Society

Islamic Values Equate To Bible's

Health, Happiness And Harmony

Salman Rushdie - Satanic Verses

Is The Problem Too Much Islam?

Seeking Knowledge

Ten Golden Rules To Start A Day

Managing Time To Achieve Goals

The State And Non-State Violence

How Do Muslims Treat the Elderly?

How To Prevent Mosquito Breeding

By smoking, you are slowly killing yourself and your family.

Helping And Doing Good To Others

The Ahimsa Way - Words Of Peace

Peace For Humanity - The First Step

General Ethical Guidelines In Business

Islam's Relations With Other Religions

Share This Site

United We Flourish, Divided We Perish

Equality And Status Of Women In Islam

Islam And India: The United Nationalism

Progress Of Mankind Through Education

No Excuse Not To Offer Salaat (Prayers)

Fight Against Terrorism

Significance Of The Environment In Islam

Some Thoughts In The Aftermath Of 9/11

Words And Actions Should Be The Same

Teaching Of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)

Adhan Constantly Echoes Around The Globe

Mahatma Gandhi & APJ Abdul Kalam

Violence Has No Place In An Islamic Society

Islam Abhors The Killing Of Innocent People

What Does Jesus (PBUH) Mean To Muslims?

Pledge For Peace & Take A Stand Against Terrorism

Muslims Reject Violent Response To Cartoon Controversy

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) saying

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