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Social Activities

I wouldn't describe myself as a great social worker, but I am someone from a typical Indian middle class background - with a lot of interest in social services. I am associated with many good organisations. I have contacts with many gentle friends in different walks of life. By these relationships, I am able do some small social activities.

I gratefully acknowledge the influence of four great Social Workers in triggering my interest in Social activities. They are

Alhaj Dr. B.S.Abdur Rahman Sahib Alhaj Dr. B.S.Abdur Rahman Sahib,
Founder - United Economic Forum,
Founder - All India Islamic Foundation,
Vice Chairman - ETA Ascon Star Group.
Alhaj Dr. S.K.Khadri Sahib Alhaj Dr. S.K.Khadri Sahib,
Founder - Murthuzaviya Educational and
Cultural Foundation of South India
Former - Honorary Physician to the President of India.
His Highness Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali Sahib Alhaj His Highness Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali Sahib,
Prince of Arcot
Founder Secretary-General - Harmony India.
Alhaj L.K.S.Syed Ahmed Sahib Alhaj L.K.S.Syed Ahmed Sahib,
Past District Governor - Lions District 324-A1,
Managing Partner - L.K.S.Gold House.
We can do no great things � only small things with great love. - Mother Theresa

Work Together

I am fortunate to be a member of all the following organisations.


Lions Blood Bank RCM 928/2002
Harmony India Life Member Since 1992
Muslim Charitable Society LM-45/1992
Kayalpatnam Benevolent Trust (Kayalpatnam)
Anjuman-E-Himayath-E-Islam (Orphanage) L-144/1992

Baitulmal Tamilnadu Life Member Since 1992 / PM-47
Lions Foundation For The Blind (324 A-1) LM-230/2003
Lions Club of Mylapore (District 324-A1) Member Since 1995
Aysha Mariam Charitable Trust (Chennai) Trustee Since 2006
Muslim Orphanage Committee (Tirunelveli) Life Member Since 1993

Eye Bank Association of India (Hyderabad) Ind-L-1939/2010
Kayalpattinam United Association (Chennai) Member Since 1994
Kayalpattinam Muslim Muthuchavadi (Madurai) Member Since 2005
Sivananda Saraswathi Sevashram (Orphanage) Life Member Since 2004
Muslim Women Aid Society (Chennai District) Life Member Since 1992

All India Milli Council (Tamil Nadu Chapter)
Indian Red Cross Society (Tamil Nadu Branch) LM-105/1993
Servants Of The People Society (Delhi Branch) P-1743/2004
St.John Ambulance Association (Tamil Nadu State Centre) LMC No.1200/1995
Indian Society Of Blood Transfusion & Immunohaematology (Haryana) TN-154/2011
Theosophical Order of Service in India (Chennai Region) Life Member Since 1999


Madras Amateur Radio Society 359/L1-S/1992
Indian Institute of Hams (Bangalore) LM-19/2005
Amateur Radio Society of India (Bombay) L-0113/1997
National Institute of Amateur Radio (Hyderabad) LM-45/2004
Repeater Society of Kodai(Kodaikanal) Life Member Since 1997
Bangalore Amateur Radio Club (Bangalore) Life Member Since 1999
Kayalpattinam Ham Radio Society (Kayalpattinam) Secretary Since 1998


United Sports Club (Kayalpattinam) GB Member Since 2009


Masjid - E - Mamoor Jamath (Chennai-1) Life Member Since 2001
Magdhoom Jumma Masjid (Kayalpattinam) Jamath Member Since Birth
Siru Nainar Masjid (Kayalpattinam) Jamath Member Since Marriage

Tamil Nadu Haj Service Society (Baithul Hujjaj) P-264/2006
South India Ishaathul Islam Committee (Tirunelveli) Annual Member Since 1994

Theosophical Society (Adyar Lodge) Diploma No.77029/1994
International Association for Religious Freedom (India Chapter) LM-201/2002


United Economic Forum LM 177/1992
Tamil Chamber of Commerce L-205/2008
National Chamber of Commerce L-3/1994/170


Crescent Hospital (Chennai-14) Life Member Since 2001
Kayalpatnam Medical Trust Hospital (Kayalpatnam) GB Member Since 2007

Educational & Cultural

Iqra Educational Society (Kayalpattinam) Life Member Since 2014
India Islamic Cultural Centre (New Delhi) Life Member Since 2006
World Tamil Cultural Association (Chennai) Life Member Since 1995
All India Muslim Educational Society (Chennai) Life Member Since 1992
S.A.E.S - Sadakathullah Appa College (Tirunelveli) Life Member Since 1994

L.K.S.Jewellers Educational Trust (LK Higher Secondary School) Kayalpatnam
M.E.S. Razeena Matriculation Higher Secondary School Life Member Since 1993
Muslim Educational Association of Southern India (The New College) L-3810/1991
Anjuman-E-Mufid-E-Ahl-E-Islam (Industrial Technical Centre) Life Member Since 1992
L.K.S.Gold House Educational Charitable Trust (LK Matriculation School) Kayalpatnam
Murthuzaviya Educational and Cultural Foundation of South India Life Member Since 1992

Thulir School for the Special Children

Give India - Donate money to trustworthy charities

Shade - Caring For Trees

Service without Fellowship is Rootless
Fellowship without Service is Fruitless

Holy Quran Verse

Forgiving will not reduce Prestige
Humbleness will not reduce Power
Charity will not reduce the Wealth

Tamil - Lion Quotes

Namalvar Sayings

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. - Helen Keller 

We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone. -Loretta Scott 

Lions Emblem Help Ever, Hurt Never
To Unite And Harmonise
To Bring People Together
Together We Can Do More
The Peace For Every People
If you have the heart, you can save a heart
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