English 'Peace on Earth' Arabic 'As-Salaam' Chinese 'Huh Ping' Dove of Peace, Sanscrit 'Shanti' Russian 'Mir' Hebrew 'Shalom' Latin 'Pax' Rainbow Peace Sign

Give Love & Take Love

Peace Pledge

I will try to work with those with whom I have a difference of opinion.

I pledge to use my artistic talents for the enlightenment and enjoyment of others.

I will withhold judgement about other people, especially those with whom I am living. Presume good will...God loves us all as we are.

I pledge to pray for peace, take time out each day to smile at a stranger, to say thank you to everyone I meet, call my family and tell them I love them.

I pledge to help out wherever and whenever needed at work, regardless of the rank of the person. Peace can come in many forms; a little kindness can go a long way.

I pledge to pray on a daily basis for peace among families, friends, neighbours, cultures, races, religions, countries, political heads: to live the way Prophet Abraham (Pbuh),Prophet Moses (Pbuh), Prophet Jesus (Pbuh) and Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) has called us to live.

I/we pledge to:

PRAY regularly for justice and peace.
LEARN more about social teaching and its call to protect human life, stand with the poor and care for creation.
REACH across boundaries of religion, race, ethnicity, gender and disabling conditions.
LIVE justly in family life, school, work, the marketplace and the political arena.
SERVE those who are poor and vulnerable, sharing more time and talent.
GIVE more generously to those in need at home and abroad.
ADVOCATE for public policies that protect human life, promote human dignity, preserve God's creation and build peace.
ENCOURAGE others to work for greater charity, justice and peace.

Courtesy: www.pledgepeace.org

It is the obligation of thinking people on this planet to weigh the implications of a future without co-existence, to ponder the underlying causes of today's conflicts, to encourage efforts aimed at addressing these complexities and to promote similar thoughtful consideration by others.

Humanity arrives together at the beginning of this new millennium in an age where the knowledge of weapons of mass destruction is but a click away. And we live in a world where terrorism is viewed by some as a legitimate response to the perceived economic and cultural assaults they face.

Everyone... every woman, every man... all people of all faiths and all races must find a way to understand each other's differences, and search for compromise and a way to co-exist. The alternative is an unthinkable future for our children.

With problems so complex and entwined, what can be done? The solution depends on us all, and it starts with us.

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