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Amateur Radio in the Media.
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Why I Love It

HAM strung -1

HAM strung -2

HAM As Hobby

We are all children of Adam & Hawwa (Eve). Adam (AS) was the first human creature and first prophet of God.

Delhi Slice Of HAM

HAM To The Rescue

Hamming In Lakshadweep

Blind Genius HAM In India

HAM Role In Tsunami Relief

Gujarat Earthquake Relief Info

Where Everyone Goes On -Air

Reaching Out Through The Air

HAM's Contribution Enormous

What Makes Hams Unenthusiastic

Hamming! Bachchan, Gandhi style!

When Nothing Worked, HAM Did

Rising To The Occasion With HAM

HAMs To Meet At SEANET - 1996

HAM Bailed City Out Of Mobile Mess

Let all of us learn; let all of us awaken

HAM Holds Its Own In The Age Of Cells

HAM Radio Operator Helps Tsunami Victims

News About Kayalpattinam HAM Radio Society

How The Ham Rescue Operation Started In Orissa?

International Seminar On Amateur Radio Communication

PDF File
Andaman Dxpedition - 2006
NIAR Ham News Feb 2006
NIAR Ham News May 2004
A Friend Of The Humanity
NIAR Ham News Journal

No Excuse Not To Offer Prayers

Tsunami - VU4 RSB
MARS News Letter
BARC News Letter
What Is Tsunami?

Iam a Peace loving person

Zip File
NIAR Ham News April 2004
NIAR Ham News June 2004
NIAR Ham News May 2006
NIAR Ham News June 2007
Lakshadweep Hamfest 2007
Hamfest - VU7RG

Donate Blood - Save A Life

PPT File
Tsunami Relief Work - VU4 RBI

Avoid Pollution

Holy Quran - 17:110

Say, "Call upon Allah or call upon the Most Merciful. Whichever [name] you call - to Him belong the best names." And do not recite [too] loudly in your prayer or [too] quietly but seek between that an [intermediate] way. Holy Quran -17:110

Love All, Hate None. -Kanchi Periyavar

Eyes are a precious gift to a person. But the same eyes bring misery when misused or when they are lost. A wise man utilizes that gift while alive and on death too. Donate Eyes, Help the Blind.

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