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I have built a Scalar Network Analyser based on the work done by VE3MKC.
The following text and pictures explains the circuit and the software used.

The network analyser is built around an Arduino Nano driving an AD9850 signal generator. The output is buffered before being fed into the network being analysed. The output of the network is fed into a log amp board and the resulting output fed back into the Nano.

A python script runs on windows 10 that does the setup controlling of the Arduino and this script gives the resulting plots of gain vs frequency. 

The Log Amp was purchased on EBay for  AU$19.20 and is described as "AD8307 RF Power Detector Board Logarithmic Amplifier DC-500MHz 92db".

The Nano was in the shack bits box with the buffer components. I purchased the AD9850 on EBay for AU$17.30. A small box cost AU$4.00.

See the following diagrams and pictures for a guide of the design and build.


Use the information provided at the following web site. VE3MKC

The Arduino code and Python Script are available at Github

I use Windows 10 and had trouble getting the Python Script to work. In the end I had to use a non-standard version of NumPy which is available from here

You can make edits to your Arduino code and/or the Python Script (I use ATOM for Python edits).

The output of the Sig Gen needs a 50 Ohm pad before the input to the network being tested, I have also found that a pad works well after the network too.

Its' a great little unit that has all sorts of applications in the ham radio shack.

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