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   Marq,S92BWW & Bill Moore,NC1L

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Rolas Island Sunset 

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Where is the New Generation of Operators?                                                           Wanted ! More Amateur Radio Operators!... 

Hams are priceless, a unique blend of scientist and hoobyist. Any experienced ham can spot another of his own ilk from a distance of 50 feet in dimly lit room.  How? It's easy if you stop to divide hams  up into specific generic groups.  First there's the old timer; he was on the air when they opened the bands. If you want to get along with him you've got to reminesce  Collins, and Tubes . Next we have the average ham's, he's keen on telling you about the time he worked some fellow on 80 meters or how he opened his rig by snipping a diode .  Our last true-blue ham is the newly licensed youngster. He's quick to try and argue down any pet theory , computers, software you may have and has fortified himself with dozens of handly little facts for the occasion. He knows Martti Laine , and is quick to point out differences between ham's and CB'ers (he was one himself).                                                                           

You're probably saying to yourself that these guys must have very little in common with which to share a hobby. You're right, except there is one common denominator; mostly they are looking for DX  . Ham radio needs more operators.                                                            

Incentive licensing has been with us long these years until now and most active amateurs have formed opinions either pro or con. On one extreme is the self-righteous type who regards the present system as the perfect solution to all our problems. In his opinion anyone who is critical of the new regulations is automatically branded as lazy.  On the other extreme is the fellow who considers incentive licensing to be a plot by the new left to destroy amateur radio entirely.  The truth probably lies somewhere in between. One conclusion Amateur Radio is Important on every country .   

We need more operators to preserve the future of our "hobby"!

This page is dedicated to some friends who has the possibility to give this DXCC Entity to many people around the World.  We'll also place notices here regarding S. Tomé e Príncipe amateur radio operations. 

First of all heartly Thank you very much to Mr. Luis Beirão,S92LB great DX'er and friend , during many years Mr. Luis Beirão was sole operator from this beautiful islands.

Other stations from São Tome and Principe Islands!... 

Dr.Luis Beirão, S92LB


Nowadays also Mr. Charles,S92SS are very active in all bands and modes.    

Charles L.Lewis, S92SS

We want to remember others . Like LX1DW António he was on Vacations on both islands São Tomé S92DW and Príncipe Island as S91DW.    

António Calixto, S92DW and S91DW (also LX1DW and CT1DW)

Also José CT1EAT  was on Vacations on both islands operating as S92FC on São Tomé and S91FC from Príncipe Island he also operate as a S97A during contest.    

José Costa, S91FC and S92FC (also CT1EAT)

Luis Duarte Catulo S92LC (also CT1CTZ and VU3LCA)


Operation S92RI, by CT1APE and CT1FFU 

Horácio Gonçalves Torres, CR5AJ (ex-call from S.Tomé and Principe)

Alcibiades Pereira da Silva  CR5SP (ex-call from S.Tomé and Principe)

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