44th SEANET Convention visit to Viharn Sien and Silverlake Vineyard
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Please click on "Play" to view photographs taken at the Viharn Sien Chinese Temple and at the Silverlake Vineyard on Sunday, November 20.

The Viharn Sien Chinese temple and an opportunity to relax in beautiful surroundings at the Silverlake Vineyard south of Pattaya

After lunch at Nong Nooch Garden (also known as Suan Nong Nooch) on Sunday everyone moved on to Silverlake vineyard, with a stop over at Viharn Sien, a Chinese shrine that was built in 1987 for the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej's 60th birthday.
On arriving at the Silverlake vineyard there was an opportunity for wine tasting or simply to relax in a beautiful setting when many photographs were taken.

Registration at the Discovery Beach Hotel and Welcome Dinner
Seminars on Saturday morning -- and a vote for Jogjakarta in 2018
The Saturday afternoon outing to the Pattaya Floating Market
The Gala Dinner at the Discovery Beach Hotel
Elephants followed by lunch at Suan Nong Nooch
Pattaya Park Tower for a Farewell dinner with a view