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In the years that I worked for KLM (1976 - 2017), I have learnt that keeping record of what you're doing, is a solid foundation for an organised workplace. In our radio world, I made some sort of publications for measurements on transceivers (S-meter calibration) and antennas . On this page I give you the opportunity to review my personal library. Several publications have an other origin; in that case I will name the source.

Section A - Publications on Antenna Measurements

Constructing, measuring and adjusting a DIY-kit End Fed Half Wave Antenna for 40m with extension for 80m. This publication tells the whole story: EFHW 40m + 80m extension

After constructing this EFHW Antenna, the measurements and adjustments in June 2020, I made several versions of this document. It has now been fully revised, to make it more suitable for the website. It is better readable now.
Modifying the V2000 with 1m50 radials - a different story
This started with the purchase of three CRES (stainless steel) rods of 1m50, 5mm diameter, because all publications that I found said 5mm. Radio friend Steven brought the thread tap and tapped M5 on the rods.

First attempt to modify revealed: my V2000 has M6, and not M5.
This called for a different approach: diameter 6mm threaded ends with 8mm aluminum pipes. Read the V2000 modification by PA0SNY for all the details

Constructing a modified Gamma Match Half Wave Dipole for 4 meters (70 MHz) from an (ever purchased) SD-FM Dipole 87-194 MHz by Sirio.
A very satisfying result
, after various calculations and measuremnents.
In the late Nineties I acquired this SD-FM Dipole 87-194 MHz. Because it looked quite cool and sturdy. I made the 2 meter antenna, that never was used. From garage to cellar, but not on a roof.
Read how I gained experience with the Gamma Match, and how this finally resulted in an Antenna that has great resemblance with the Sirio SD68, intended for use on 68 - 78 MHz.

Measuring a full size High End Fed Antenna of PE1MWL: Full length 80m EFHW PE1MWL
This documents shows how perfect this Antenna can be used on all classic and two WARC HF-Bands.... but only for Region 1 (Europe). Without the use of an Antenna Tuner.

Understanding the 'half wave' relation in an EndFedHalfWave Antenna: my quest to understanding the half wave relation
An eye opener (for me anyway)
Only after I started building a 20m End Fed Half Wave (EFHW) antenna for 20m (with extensions for 40m and 80m), I found out that resonance on 15m did not truly exist. I took me a wile and some browsing till I found out why. I explain it in this document

Section B - Publications on Rigs (S-meter)
Measuring on the FT-897D S-meter: S meter FT-897D reading
We HAMs advise Signal Strength, but what you see is almost never what you get. This file is a first attempt to bring S-meter deficiencies into view

Further measurements on the FT-897D S-meter: What the FT-897 S-meter really says
Only a week after the (above) first measurements. more details were found, using professional Equipment at the facilities of PI9KLM in Hangar 12 at Schiphol Airport
S-meter scale FT-8900: Explanation of the scale of the FT-8900
After establishing the FT-897D S-meter scale (one cell above), I wanted to know how the FT-8900 scale was reading. I found documentation that helped to understand what each block on the scale means. The file that I present, gives a clear picture.

Section C - Publications on Tools
Accurate LC meter for small values: LC-meter van CHN.pdf
On my Equipment/Tools/Antenna page, I mention the precission LC-meter. I use the design (year 2000) by Cor, PA0CHN. Note: this file is in Dutch
Z-match Antenna Tuner by Maurice PA9H.
See also the Projects Page for some addional pictures of this beautiful construction
Many years ago Cor, PA2MCE built a Z-match from a publication in CQ-PA. Maurice PA9H saw the design and constructed his own. Here is a separate page for a Z-Match story in Dutch

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