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Vacation October 2023 in Wadi Rum
Hans PA0SNY in Wadi Rum, October 2023

My name: Hans Poelgeest

Born at the age of 0 on August 28, 1954. Guess for yourself what my age would be now....

Speaking the Dutch language every day, and using English easily (many years in aviation). I worked for KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines for nearly 41 years.

My function was Type Project Engineer (TPE) for 747 classic, 747-400, 737 NextGen and Airbus A330.
As TPE I was involved in technical acceptance checks (ground and flight, new aircraft and post heavy maintenance), using the on board Transceivers for many Aeronautical Mobile QSO's

And as a HAM: In November 1974 I obtained my "C"-license. After passing my CW-exam in 1982, the "A"-license was a logical step. This license is now officially called the "F"- license (Full).

N 52º 23' 03"   (+52,384)
E 04º 38' 03"   (+4,634)
VERON Region:
A20 (internal Netherlands)
IARU Region:
ITU zone:
CQ zone: 14
And here are details on house, garden
and antenna situation
Click here to find out.
Bird's eye view of the Antennaincluded

*) The beautiful city of Haarlem is the capitol city of the provence of North Holland.
Haarlem obtained city rights in November 1245

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