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version v3.1.1
release June 2020

A tiny but very complete Locator/Converter program
for Windows


What is TinyLocator?

  • This program calculates the location of almost any type of locator, and....

  • It calculates the distance, azimuth, longitude and latitude
    between two Maidenhead locators.

  • Converts longitude/latitude coordinates to Maidenhead locator and vice versa

  • Converts IARU locator & longitude/latitude coordinates to UI-View format coordinates (GPS = Global Positioning System) and vice versa.

  • Converts between decimal and world (DMS) coordination's

  • Supports several command-line arguments (ideal for batch use)

  • Super easy to use


Version 3.1.1

  • Bug fix release:
    when erasing the entire home and target list the visible entry wasn't cleared: fixed
    the locator was added to the history list even when the locator was invalid: fixed
    Google maps showed the wrong location when coordinates were negative and smaller than 1: fixed

Version 3.1.0

  • Show APRS compressed format
    Tab's order fixed
    pressing enter in home locator showed error when target locator was empty: fixed
    some minor bugs fixed

Version 3.0.1

  • Bug fix: Default Home or Targetlocator was not saved when hitting Default-button

Version 3.0

  • - New: Now compatible with the extended Maidenhead locator (up to 10 digits)! (Note: Converts 10 digit Maidenhead to Latitude/Longitude not visa versa)
    - New: Show location on Google Maps!
    - New: Degrees/minutes/seconds now have also the compass heading (NS/EW)
    - New: decimal coordinates now use negatives for West and South locations
    - New: Calculate distance/direction: now shows latitude and longitude of the home-locator
    - New: delete one item from the history lists
    - Distance calculation is no longer executed in the converter window
    - arrow keys allows you to move from home to target field and visa versa
    - fix: enter key in home locator field does not go to target field (use down arrow key instead): advantage for multiple home locators entries
    - focus remains in the home or target field respectively
    - bug in right-click option 'paste here' of the Maidenhead locator did not work (pasted a 0). Fixed
    - bug: some copy to clipboard functions did not work or copied the correct data properly: fixed
    - Remember screen position (optional to change in TiniLocator.ini and other parameters please read manual)
    - some tooltips clarified and some added
    - Now users can Search through the manual.
    - cosmetic changes
    - several minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.2

  • - Bug fix in calculation negative Degrees of longtitude/latitude conversions
    - Improved accuracy and minor bug fix in converting APRS string to longitudes/latitudes
    - Extra right-click functions of the IARU Locator input field

Version 2.1

  • - Spaces in IRAU locators are removed to prevent wrong locator
    - Some Copy-buttons did not copy the correct contents
    to the clipboard
    - Certain IARU locators in the entry of the target locator gave wrong calculations (thanks Graham G3TCT for informing me the bug)

Version 2.0.1

  • when home- and target locator had 4 characters "1.#QNAN degrees" was calculated instead of 'none'.

Version 2.0

  • After almost 4 years of being dormant...finally a new release:
    Almost completely re-written from scratch
    Convert from and to:
    - Decimal coordinates
    - World coordinates (DMS)
    - IARU-locator (Maidenhead)
    - UI-View format coordinates (GPS)
    Optional 'Stay on Top'
    Stores history of home and target locators
    Copy each type of converted coordinates to the clipboard
    Clear ALL history's
    Several bugs related to 1.2 solved
    Main .exe file renamed to Tinylocator.exe

Version 1.2

  • New name that fits 'the bill' better: TinyLocator
    Includes a latitude/longitude to Maidenhead converter (and
    vise versa).
    Shows Km and Miles in distance
    Optional parameters when parsing locators in batch (commandline)

Version 1.0...1.1

  • First release ;-)
    Known as DHT-Locator:
    main version in 16-bit (compatible with Windows 3.1)

  • v1.1: Still known as DHT-Locator:
    Now 32-bit version
    Target locator get's the focus



  • Works on any Windows version 95/98/2k/Me/NT/XP/Windows7/8/10

  • Internet only for use with Google Maps

    Yes, that's it HI

DOWNLOAD TinyLocator v3.1.1

TinyLocator v3.1.1 for Windows (TinyLocator_Setup.exe 420kB+-)

TinyLocator v3.1.1 for Windows
TinyLocator ZIP (no installation program)

Old DOS-version=>RGSGRID2.ZIP (no longer updated!)
Simular program for
DOS dhtlocat (no longer updated!)

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