18th F/ON6JUN/P Expedition18th F/ON6JUN/P Expedition




Our group of Radioamateurs organised a special event station to commemorate
the anniversary of the landing in Ranville Normandy! This World War 2 event started the liberation of Europe (
D-Day second World War 1940-45).
Our special call is F/ON6JUN/P what means "
France On the 6th of June at Pegasus".

Once upon a time,
the planning of the greatest seaborne invasion
ever took place.
Four years in the preparation, Operation Overlord, the Allied invasion of Normandy on 6 June 1944, marked the beginning of the end of World War II and the eventual liberation of Europe


Anniversary D-Day
F/ON6JUN/P started @ 1th, June - till 8th, June 2012

PEGASUS Museum France

Pegasus Museum Belgium

Normandy D-Day
About D-Day
6th of June 1944 (French)
Watch the Real Player Movie about D-Day


The South Flanders DX Activity Group The South Flanders are here again to announce our 18th DX-expedition special event!

We are back from activating F/ ON6JUN/P in Ranville Normandy (france) to commemorate D-DAY!
Our crew was Xavier ON4ALY ; Fernand ON6UF ;Willy ON4LBV and Gaston ON6FC and coorperation of different UBA sections!

We started at June 1st 2012 till the 8th of June. We were also active on the CW fieldday between 2nd and 3th of June.
We left friday 8th of June.

Yes, it is already the 18th time we commemorate D-Day with F/ON6JUN/P in Ranville.
More info can be obtained from Xavier or Fernand or Willy.

QSL like usual via ON5SD QSL manager for F/ON6JUN/P .

This World War 2 event started the liberation of Europe (D-Day second World War 1940-1945).

We used several modulation modes, like CW, RRTY, PSK, SSBetc...

With this DX-pedition our group of radioamateurs celebrates and honors the heroes from the Normandy invasion beaches.

Our special call is still F/ON6JUN/P ("France On the 6th of June at Pegasus").
QSL 100% via ON5SD.

Belgian Radio Amateurs

commemorating 68th anniversary of D-Day
with F/ON6JUN/P DX-pedition

and our 18th anniversary of the F/ON6JUN/P expedition!

1th of June till 8th of June 2012
QTH is Ranville, Calvados ,Normandy ..
QRV with HF stations in CW, Voice and RTTY on all major HF-bands.

QSL Via bureau -> ON5SD

 If you have questions please contact us at

Station setup:

Station 1:
CW and digi mode ....

Station 2:
CW .....

Station 3:
SSB and CW .....

Station 4:
SSB and CW ....


Antennes used and mostly constructed by ON6UF:

- Inverted V for 40m

- Beercan antenna for 20m

- Vertical for 17m, 15m ,12m and 10m

- Inverted V for 30m

- Small loop for 160m

- Small loop for 40m

- FD4 for 10m to 160m

F/ON6JUN/P – crew:

Xavier ON4ALY
Fernand ON6UF
Willy ON4LBV
Gaston ON6FC



DX-cluster printout of saturday and foremost sunday:

Jos, ON5SD

A little recording made by ON5SD Jos during the F/ON6JUN/P expedition wav

We have already confirmed and received 361 QSL via @QSL on 05/06/20120 so tnx to all. Estimated received QSL's at departure was over 400.

ON5SD QSL manager


Detailed info about the previous expeditions