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Our group of Radioamateurs organises a special event station to commemorate the anniversary of the landing in Ranville Normandy! This World War 2 event started the liberation of Europe (D-Day second World War 1940-45).
Our special call is F/ON6JUN/P what means "France On the 6th of June at Pegasus".


Info about D-Day


Photo's of the 2002 Expedition

Some of our SSTV QSO's, de ON6BV

Parts of recorded audio:
(sry for the poor quality, resampled at low rate for net use)

31th May 21:00h utc: 10 minute audio on VHF(on4clc)
1st June 12:33h utc: 3 minute audio on VHF QSB
2th June 08:30h utc: 10 minute audio on 40m HF

- 2 Levy antennas, 1/4 lamda groundplane for the 20-meter band, 1 multi-band dipole for the WARC bands (30, 17 and 12 meter bands) and a verical 1/4 lambda for 40-meter band

Steven, ON4CLC made for two meters two stacked Yagi's (a 9-element and a 11-element) to use on the expedition (due to broken boom could only use the 11-el tonna). For 6-meters an inverted V antenna was used. Click
here for more details about Steven's experiment.