F/ON6JUN/P DX-ExpeditionF/ON6JUN/P DX-Expedition


F/ON6JUN/P DX-Expedition in NORMANDY 2000

Was activated succesfully on 2th, 3th and 4th of June 2000 by the UBA-sections NNV and GBN


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F / ON6JUN / P

UBA section NNV has succesfully activated on the 2th until 4th of June a special event station to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the landing in Ranville Normandy and so started the liberation of Europe (second World War 1940-45).
Our special callsign during the expedition was F/ON6JUN/P what means "France On the 6th of June at Pegasus". We put our camp up near the famous bridge of PEGASUS (grid locator IN99WC, Continent EU; CQ-zone 14; ITU 27)
Information or questions about this expedition can be obtained from Hugo
ON4AAA or at his phonenumber (032)054 / 41 61 15

The radioclub of NINOVE -section NNV of the UBA- will be back again with this special callsign from our excellent QTH in RANVILLE/NORMANDIE (dep 14)! This year we had the support of the radioclub of GERAARDSBERGEN -section GBN of the UBA-, so active with more operators this year.

We activated the station from 2th of June (evening) until the 4th of June (evening) with 9 operators and 4 stations. These are the HAM bands where you'll heared us that weekend:

** Station 1 : 80 and 40 meter in CW and phone
** Station 2 : 160 and 20 meter in CW and phone
** Station 3 : 15 and 10 meter in CW and phone
** Station 4 : 6 and 2 meter in phone!

On 80 and 40 meter we participated in the CW fieldday as a contest station during the time of the contest. Before and after the contest we went active in phone on those bands.

The HAM-operators are:

** ON4AAA, Hugo
** ON5BY, Freddy
** ON4AFU, Eddy
** ON6BV, Victor
** ON4CJV, Kurt
** ON6FC, Gaston
** ON4ABL, Erik
** ON6VH, Antoine
** ON4CLC (ex ON1DLM), Steven

All contacts will be confirmed with a special QSL card!!!

The contactaddresses:

[email protected] ..... Hugo (ON4AAA)
[email protected] ..... Gaston (ON6FC)
ON4CLC Steven
(only in packet: ON4CLC@ON0BWP)







Photo's taken during the ON6JUN 2000 DXpedition

Brug aan museum Engelse oudstrijder Eten Het kamp
Pancarte Paras1 Paras2 Paras3

Photo's are delivered to me by Gaston ON6FC


F/ON6JUN/P Expeditie 2000
The Story

By Steven, de ON4CLC


(Foto: Brug aan museum .JPG)
After 2 days of radio activity, we took some time to visit the new museum
where saw a lot of souvenirs of World War 2. In the garden of the museum is placed
the original PEGASUS bridge! On this photo You can see some members of the crew standing before this famous bridge.

(Foto: Eten.JPG)
The whole crew has to eat! Our chef-cook Victor, ON6BV, made us some strong food so we could continue the special event station whole night. Big fun and eating in open ear, under the antennas: the right combination for the crew to operate F/ON6JUN/P !

(Foto: Het kamp.JPG)
A view of our camp with on the foreground the antennas:
∑ 80 m : top loaded vertical homebrew
∑ 40 m : top loaded vertical homebrew
∑ 20 m : Groundplane vertical 1/4 lambda homebrew
∑ 15, 12, 10 m : multiband verical homebrew
∑ 6 m : 5 element Yagi homebrew
∑ 2 m : 11 element Yagi homebrew

We used 3 tents for the shacks:
∑ Shack 1 : 2 meter voice (FT 736 R Yeasu + amp 100 Watt)
∑ Shack 2 : 20 meter CW/voice (TS 120 Kenwood)
∑ Shack 3 : 80, 40 meter CW/voice and 15,12,10, 6 meter voice (TS 870 Kenwood + IC 746 ICOM)

The rest of the tents where used as kitchen and sleeping(room).

(Foto: Pancarte.JPG)
We had some visit of an authentic, still living soldier who landed in Ranville on the 5th of june 1944 (the day BEFORE D-DAY). He told us his story like he remembered it. He told us that lost his kit-bag during the landing and that he was more woried about his bag with all the equipment then of the German soldiers!
On this photo he ask to everyone of the area of Ranville: "Didn't You found my kit-bag, please? I've lost it during the landing in '44 and I'm still looking to find it someday, HI!"
This message is written on his mobil home!
BTW: Yvor is also a radio-amateur !!

(Foto: Paras1. JPG , Paras2.JPG , Paras3.JPG)
On saterday and Sunday in the afternoon we saw a big show of paras just above our /P QTH! They gave us an impression how the sky looked on the 6th of june 1944. More than 300 paras jumped out of 6 aeroplains! They landed in the field just near our field! We pauzeted our transmissions for about 3 hours (Sunday PM) to be shure we didn't made interferences on their radios. In mean time we had a great view and a wonderfull experience!
The parachutes where authentic the same as they where used in WW 2. And one of the areoplains was a DC3 adapted for the army, and they told us that this plain participated to D-Day also!
When the paras where landed, the crew of the DC 3 came back and greeted us with the plain, while they fly over our station. I think we were a perfect beacon for them!

(Foto: Engels oudstrijder.JPG)
Our friend Yvor while he made a QSO with F/ON6JUN/P on 2 meter with a porto. He was very proud of his QSL card of the activation of 1999! "This card wil have a special place in my shack at home", he told us. He aprieciated our activation to remember D-Day a lot. CU next year, Yvor!

This information has been send to me by Steven, de ON4CLC


CQ From F/ON6JUN/P In NormandiŽ/FranceBeste contacten tijdens de NormandiŽ expeditie 2000


This information has been send to me by Gaston, ON6FC
2m info corrected by ON4CLC



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