F/ON6JUN/P ExpeditionF/ON6JUN/P Expedition
Belgian Radio Amateurs

commemorating D-Day
with F/ON6JUN/P DX-pedition

Anniversary D-Day DX-expedition

QTH is Ranville, Normandy
Locator: IN99UF, Dept.14
QRV with HF stations in SSB, CW, PSK and RTTY on all major HF-bands.

QSL Via bureau -> ON5SD



Our group of Radioamateurs organised a special event station to commemorate
the anniversary of the landing in Ranville Normandy! This World War 2 event started the liberation of Europe (
D-Day second World War 1940-45).
Our special call is F/ON6JUN/P what means "
France On the 6th of June at Pegasus".

Once upon a time,
the planning of the greatest seaborne invasion
ever took place.
Four years in the preparation, Operation Overlord, the Allied invasion of Normandy on 6 June 1944, marked the beginning of the end of World War II and the eventual liberation of Europe



Powerpoint Presentation
70th Commemoration D-DAY

Ham & Jam Remake
Barry - MP3

Barry Tappenden
HAM & JAM Movie
In memory of Grandad Tap
(Edward Mark Tappenden)

Compare Normandy 1944 to 2014



Detailed info about the previous expeditions


The South Flanders DX Activity Group

F/ ON6JUN/P is our special call to commemorate D-DAY in Ranville Normandy (France)!

QSL like usual via
ON5SD QSL manager for F/ON6JUN/P .

This World War 2 event started the liberation of Europe (D-Day second World War 1940-1945).

We always use several modulation modes, like SSB, CW, RRTY, PSK,...

With this DX-pedition our group of radioamateurs celebrates and honors the heroes from the Normandy invasion beaches.

Our special call is still F/ON6JUN/P ("France On the 6th of June at Pegasus").
QSL 100% via ON5SD.

QSL Via bureau -> ON5SD

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6th of June 1944 (French)
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