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Parfois, d’autres codes sont utilisés par les radioamateurs durant leurs contacts vocaux.
Les voici :

CQ Seek You – Calling all stations Appel à toutes les stations CQ, CQ ,CQ
Hi Laughter Rire (ou Hello) Very funny, Hi Hi
73 Best Regards Sincères salutations 73, Joe
88 Love and kisses Bisous 88 from Julie
YL Young Lady Jeune fille Nice to hear a YL on the band
OM Old Man Vieil homme (ou radioamateur) See you later OM
DX Long distance Longue distance I’m looking for a DX contact
CW Continuous Wave (Morse code) mode Code morse I’m going to send you CW now
WX Weather Météo The WX is getting bad here
Phone Voice communication mode Conversation orale Switching to phone mode now
80,40,20 etc Wavelength of the amateur band Longueur d'onde I will be operating on 40
7100 7.100 kilohertz 7,100 Kz Change frequency to 7100
Roger Yes, OK Oui, ok Roger Joe
Negative No Non Negative copy Julie
Over Back to you A vous I’m finished talking, over
Copy Heard and understood Entendu, compris I did not copy that
Rig Radio Transceiver Emetteur I just switched on my rig
Eyeball Face to face meeting Rencontre visuelle Let’s have an eyeball
Doubled Two stations transmitting at the same time Deux stations émettent en même temps Julie, you just doubled with Joe. Go again please.
Ragchew A long rambling contact Contact perdu You have been ragchewing for hours
Zulu The time in UTC L'heure universelle (GMT) It is 2359 zulu here
PAN Urgency call – Emergency situation Appel d'urgence - situation urgente PAN PAN PAN … engine failure, taking on water…
MAYDAY Distress call – Life and death situation Appel de détresse MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY … ship sinking…



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