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Dr. SETI is the name of the blatant exhibitionist who inhabits the body of noted author and educator Dr. H. Paul Shuch. A cross between Tom Lehrer and Carl Sagan, it is said that Dr. SETI sings like Sagan and lectures like Lehrer.* Armed with a laptop computer and an acoustical guitar, Dr. SETI travels the world making the search for life in space accessible to audiences as diverse as humanity itself.

Since the formation of the nonprofit, membership-supported SETI League in 1994, H. Paul Shuch has served as its Executive Director, coordinating its science mission and delivering hundreds of SETI presentations to thousands of enthusiasts in a dozen countries on five continents and more than half of the United States.

At college campuses, science centers, public lecture halls, and on television and radio, Dr. SETI's unique mix of science and song seeks to educate as well as entertain. He compels the listener to contemplate a fundamental question which has haunted humankind since first we realized that the points of light in the night sky are other suns:

Are We Alone?

Dr. SETI performing with the notorious radio personality Dr. Demento

Dr. SETI performing with the notorious radio personality Dr. Demento TM

H. Paul Shuch, circa 1960
That was then...
H. Paul Shuch, circa 2000
...This is now.

* Disclaimer: Tom Lehrer, the Minstrel of Mathematics, plays piano and teaches musical parody at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He has recorded numerous record albums, and written songs for the Children's Television Workshop. The late Carl Sagan, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and respected science popularizer, was David Duncan Professor of Astronomy at Cornell University. References herein to these two distinguished scholars are entirely unauthorized.

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