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Emergency & Public Service Communications

An assortment of links and online documents

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Books- Online and Printed

bulletARRL "Public Service Communications Manual" - online or .PDF file or order copy - An overall source of basic information on the ARRL's public service communications program. Includes details on ARES and NTS. #PSCM

Get the Adobe Acrobat PDF file viewer - free download

bulletARRL "ARES Field Resources Manual" - .PDF file or printed copy
 A quick trainer and resource guide for the Emergency Communicator. #5439
bulletARRL Emergency Coordinator's Manual - order printed copy
Covers some of the finer points of Emergency Coordinator duties, as well as recruiting and obtaining the necessary resources to properly plan and implement effective emergency and disaster communications. #FSD9
bulletThe ARRL Net Directory - order printed copy
Listings for hundreds of Amateur Radio nets of interest to North American hams, including local and statewide traffic, rag chew, maritime service, special-interest, fun, and public service nets. #7393

Call Sign Lookups

bullet ARRL

Digital Modes - Packet, TV, APRS

bulletOregon ARES/RACES Oregon Packet Information
bulletPacket Radio - G. E. 'Buck' Rogers Sr., K4ABT
bullet Sound Card Packet-- run packet without a TNC using your computer's sound card

Disaster Information - General

bulletFEMA's Emergency Management Information-  Independent Study Program

Emergency Power and Connectors

bulletARRL Info on Emergency or Alternative Power
bullet Batteries in Fact and Fiction - Ham Radio Club, U. of Hawaii at Manoa
bullet A Source of Used but Usable Lead Acid Batteries
bullet A Better Power Connector? Anderson Power Poles


bulletRepeater Directory for NJ - NJ Artsci's
bulletPolice Code Numbers - including Morris and State 


General Info about Ham Volunteers

bulletARRL Backgrounder #1:  Amateur Radio Emergency Communication 
bulletARRL Backgrounder #2:  Using Amateur Radio in an Emergency

Incident Command System

bulletBasic ICS Course - FEMA Independent Study Program

Links to Links

The World Wide Web is filled with web sites dealing with public service and emergency communication. Many sites have "links" pages which list other emergency communication sites. Here's a short list of some better pages for "links". 

bulletN3XGR'S ARES-RACES Index Page
bullet Search and Rescue Links -by California Explorer Search and Rescue
bullet Colorado ARES Links

Mailing Lists - Reflectors

When you subscribe to a mailing list (also called a reflector) you will be sent an email anytime another member of the list posts a message to the group. It's a great way to exchange ideas, discuss issues, and announce important developments.

bulletARES-RACES -  national discussion group
bulletNJ-PA-MD-DE-SKYWARN - SKYWARN discussion and announcements
bulletNJ-PA-MD-DE Severe Weather Alerts 

Operating Aids, Hints, and Information

bulletARRL Handy Operating Aid - phonetic alphabet, prowords/signs, RST chart, time zone converter
bullet10 Ways to Optimize Your Effectiveness in Public Service Event 
bullet"Ways You Could Become a Better Public Service Operator"  - plain text or MS-Word ".doc" file      (sample document -- under development)
bullet 6 Tips by Ron Hishiro AH6RH

Other States - Web Sites and Plans

bulletOrange County (CA) RACES
bulletWestchester County (NY) ARES/RACES
bullet Washington State RACES Plan (Word)

Ready Kits - some suggested lists

bulletPersonal Equipment Check List


bullet Training Resources - Colorado ARES


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