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This is a resource and reference site for amateur radio operators, or hams,  in Morris County NJ,  who are interested in public service radio communications. 

Pages on this site provide information about:

bullet RACES - Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services 
bulletARES -  Amateur Radio Emergency Services
bulletNTS: National Traffic System  - message relays and radiograms
bulletSKYWARN - an ARES-National Weather Service cooperative program
bulletUpcoming special events  where ham operators will be needed and information about ham radio license exam sessions.
bulletOther volunteer service groups, such as MARS, SATERN and the American Red Cross

Morris County RACES Units & ARES Members are requested to check into the Morris County Emergency Net held the first Monday of each month on the 146.895 MHz pl 151.4 MCOEM WS2Q Repeater at 8:00 PM local time.

Northern New Jersey ARES Net - 8:00 PM ET, the second Tuesday of each month, on the 146.895 MHz pl 151.4 MCOEM WS2Q Repeater.  All Morris County RACES, ARES, SKYWARN, CERT and MARS Ham Radio Operators are invited to check into this Net.  Join the MorrisEMCOMM yahoo group for more information...

EchoLink is now functioning on the 146.895/R, node WS2Q-L and 145.370/R, node WS2Q-R.

The MCARV Library has links to more information about emergency and public service communications, including operating suggestions and technical reference pages.

The About Ham Radio page provides an overview of amateur radio.   It has information about how and why a non-ham should become a ham!  It also has links to local ham radio clubs.

Check the News page to read about the new EchoLink iPhone and Android apps.

Check out Zello.  It is a free "Walkie Talkie" communications app that runs on iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry and soon Windows 8 smartphones.  It also works on Windows Computers.  It is not Ham Radio, so anyone can use it and it allows for similar voice communications.  You need Internet access, Cellular, Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

I have set up Zello channels for local communications, including:
     MCARV - For Morris County Hams
     MARN EmComm - For Morris ARES Radio Network, a local ARES group
     MC RACES - For Morris County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service

The Zello channels are currently open, meaning anyone can check in.  Zello can provide cross communications between Hams and other responders, such as CERT Team members and Red Cross Volunteers.

When all else fails - There's Ham Radio!


This site was created by Ralph Milnes, KC2RLM.  This site is generously hosted by QSL.Net  
as a public service to amateur radio operators.

  Comments or corrections related to this site should be sent to
  the web administrator, Harvey Klein, WS2Q.

     Disclaimer: This website is maintained by unpaid volunteers for the benefit of other volunteers in the Amateur Radio Service. Content of this site and any opinions expressed herein are the responsibility of the web administrators. This website is neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Morris County NJ government, the ARRL, the National Weather Service, or any other organization or government agency mentioned on this site. External links are provided for your convenience, however, please note that  the content of material at any external link is not the responsibility of this site's web administrator. 


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Last Updated: 2/2/23