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FCC Allows Hams to Participate in Emergency Exercises & Drills on Behalf of Employer.  See regs 40 CFR Part 97.113(a)3 in the Aug 4, 2010 Federal Register or the ARRL website.

  Effective Sept. 3, 2010

bullet EchoLink Apps:

There are now EchoLink apps for both the Apple iPhone and Android phones, such as the Verizon Droid!  This allows you to use an iPhone or Droid to EchoLink to both the 146.895 repeater via WS2Q-L and the 145.370 repeater via WS2Q-R.

This app is for licensed Amateur Radio operators only.  You must be registered with EchoLink.  See for more information

bullet SKYWARN: 

Effective May 1, 2007, Morris County SKYWARN nets will be held on the 145.37 W2SQ repeater instead of the 146.895 WS2Q repeater.

Also, Kathy Thee KT2F has become the Morris County SKYWARN Coordinator.

bulletJoin the Morris Em Comm Yahoo Group



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A. General Amateur Radio News
E. Public Service Event News
F. Other 

A. General Amateur Radio News

bulletFCC's Universal Licensing System 

If you haven't already, please visit the ULS website to register. The FCC is hoping that most of your transactions with the FCC ( e.g. address changes, license renewals)  will take place electronically in the future. You will still be able to do transactions on paper forms, however, electronic filing will be considerably quicker, more accurate, and less costly. 


bulletRACES Call Signs: As part of the Biennial review decision, the FCC also decided it will not renew RACES call signs. It had already discontinued issuing new RACES calls. In the future, RACES operators will use their own calls in lieu of a RACES station call.

C. ARES - NTS News

To join the NNJ ARES email reflector and receive notices and announcements of NNJ ARES activities, visit: http//

Please check-in to the NNJ ARES net on the second Monday of each month at 8:00 p.m. on WS2Q/R, 146.895 (-600, PL 151.4).

Please check in to the Morris County ARES net on the third Wednesday of each month also at 8:00 p.m. and also on WS2Q/R, 146.895 (-600, PL 151.4).



The Severe Weather reflector will send you  severe WX statements only -- no news. There are also county specific reflectors for severe WX statements.

The WX2PHI SKYWARN reflector has postings of important news, events, and other discussions related to SKYWARN.


E. Public Service Event News

bulletNone known.


F. Other News and Opportunities

bulletVE Exams:  See ARRL page for details

bulletJoin the Morris Em Comm Yahoo Group! 

This group includes a a free mailing list that is used  to  announce upcoming RACES, ARES, NTS, SKYWARN, or other public service events and developments. To learn more, visit the Morris Em Comm page on this site.

Note: Two other good sources of general ham news are:
The ARRL Newsletter published bi-weekly (to subscribe)

The ARRL Hudson Beacon -- an electronic newsletter that covers
    NJ and Morris County ham activities. To subscribe, ARRL
    members can go to their Member Data Page and check to receive
    Division/Section Notices.


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