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Morris EmComm Group

A Morris EmComm Yahoo Group has been created for Morris County ham volunteers and others interested in Morris RACES and ARES activities. It's available to you free of charge, courtesy of Yahoo.

Messages posted by any member are *immediately* send out to all the other list members.

The Morris EmComm Group is a way to:
* relay important or emergency RACES and ARES announcements
* announce or remind hams of upcoming public service events in Morris  County or nearby sites
* discuss public service communication issues
* ask for advice or information
* share information or interesting discoveries

The Group also allows reference documents, photos, and other items to be uploaded for use by all members.

Only subscribed members may post messages or upload items to the group. 

A. To Join:

NOTE: When subscribing, please use a "real" e-mail address. Do not use an e-mail forwarding address such as, since you will not be able to POST messages to the group from the forwarding-only address.

To subscribe, you must first have a Yahoo ID. Go to to obtain one.

After you have a Yahoo ID, visit to sign in. Then:

1. Click on the words "Yahoo! Groups"

2. Use the "Find a Yahoo! Group" search box to search for "MorrisEmComm"

3.  On the resulting Search Result page, click on the group name, MorrisEmComm.

4. On the Morris EmComm group overview page, click on the "Join This Group" button.

5. Set your membership preferences. When you join, you can choose a profile you'd like to display to the group, select the email address at which you'd like to receive group messages, choose how you receive group messages, and more.

After submitting your subscription request, you will be sent a confirming message.

B. To Post A Message:

Either send your message to:

[email protected]

Or visit the group page:

Then sign in and go to the MorrisEmComm group. Use the "messages: post " link in the left margin to call up a form to post your message.

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Last Updated: 04/16/2014