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Basic Requirements of Volunteers

To be a RACES operator you must:

bulletHold a FCC-issued Amateur Radio License
bulletRegister with an OEM Unit

* Technician class or higher is recommended, since Novices have limited voice privilege, but  Novices may still join and assist a Unit.

RACES Units are equal opportunity organizations and a place can normally be found for anyone, even those with physical limitations.


In Morris County, you may register to serve with either a municipal RACES unit or the County RACES Unit (County Staff).

bulletTo register with a municipal unit, contact the Radio Officer in your municipality. If there is no officer or you can not contact him or her,  contact the County Radio Officer by email or leave a telephone message for the Officer at the County OEM: 973-829-8600.
bulletVolunteers with the County Staff generally first get experience with a municipal RACES unit or an ARES unit. If you would like to apply for the County RACES Unit, contact the County Radio Officer as above, but you are encouraged to first discuss the idea with your municipal Radio Officer.

RACES members responsibilities

From FEMA's "Guidance for RACES"

"(1) Participate in the training sessions;

(2) Brief the RACES Officer of any changes in equipment or amateur status that may affect operation in the RACES program;

(3) Develop a strong background in emergency procedures, FCC Rules and Regulations, and network procedures;

(4) Be available when emergency communications are required by the appointing Director;

(5) Help strengthen the organization by offering suggestions and positive feedback to correct deficiencies;

(6) Comply with volunteer standards established by the jurisdiction; and,

(7) Notify the RACES Officer, in writing, when terminating membership"


More specifically, Morris County RACES members are encouraged to :

bulletRegularly attend your Unit's scheduled meetings. Many Units meet on the first Monday of the month, the night the County RACES "Net" is held.
bulletListen to the the monthly RACES net on at 8 pm on the first Monday of the month (2nd Monday if 1st is holiday), either at a meeting, at home, or in your car.
bulletParticipate in drills and exercises -- your Unit's and the County's .
bulletAttend any special meetings that may be called -- your Unit's or the County's.
bulletListen to both your Unit's & the County's pre-established call-up frequencies during times of heightened risk, e.g. severe storms.
bulletMake yourself available anytime there is an actual need for operators!
bulletImprove your radio operating skills and techniques
bulletIncrease your knowledge of both amateur radio and emergency operations
bulletMaintain a well-stocked and working inventory of personal radio gear  

For specific suggestions to increase your capabilities, see the MCARV Library. The sections on Operating Hints, Incident Command System, Ready Kits, and Training may be of particular interest to RACES operators.  


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