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RACES Operations
WS2Q Repeater
EOC Radio Room
Municipal RACES


The WS2Q repeater is owned and maintained by the Morris County Office of Emergency Management.

bulletPrimary use is for RACES Unit operations, including drills, monthly RACES nets, other regular RACES communications, and of course emergency communications. 
bulletSecondary uses include SKYWARN nets during severe weather, ARES Nets, National Traffic System Nets, public service event nets, and periodic American Red Cross nets.
bulletAt other times, the repeater is open for general public use, including informal traffic nets and casual conversations.
bulletThis repeater can be worked using EchoLink via the WS2Q-L EchoLink
node 307328


Output Frequency (TX): 146.895 MHz
Input Frequency (RX): 146.295 MHz  (-600)
Input Tone 151.4  Hz
Output  CTCSS 151.4  Hz
Location Mt. Freedom, NJ
Height 1200 ft.
Emergency Powered Yes
Trustee Harvey Klein, WS2Q
County Radio Officer
973-538-1768 (Home)
732-921-2608 (cell)
Problem Reporting One of the County RACES staff is usually listening, but in an emergency, call WS2Q 

Special Operating Tones

The repeater can be set to transmit special courtesy tones to indicate the mode of operation: Currently these are NOT being used due to EchloLink.


Single beep  Normal, non-emergency use 

Morse Code "EM" (.  - - )

Emergency -  emergency traffic only; closed for personal use.

Morse Code  "WX" ( .- -  - . . - ) 

Weather emergency - limit personal traffic; short calls only.

Tones can be set remotely by the County RACES staff. 


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